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a visit to dermo(what do u guys think )please reply

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well i went to the derm on wednesday and she prescribed me some stuff

as for now im a moderate case and oily skin

she gave me for the day Evoclin (or another choice since its soo expensive) clindamycin gel

Glytone cream cleanser and clarifying toner

and for night Tazorac .5

so what do u guys thinks

i told her i dont want anything that will cause intial breakouts or peeling of skin and she said no as long as i use it the right way wich was use it every other night hhmm so i need some opions and suggestions plz

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I think your dermatologist gave you a pretty well-rounded regimen (very well-used one), but as far as not having an initial breakout and peeling... Um, I don't know how much your dermatologist can own up to that.

The thing with retinoids is that you HAVE to expect a worsening of skin before it getting better. If you are one of those very rare people who just keep on getting better skin after starting off on retinoids, that's great, but nearly all people who start retinoid treatment experience an initial breakout, peeling/flaking, and redness.

On the same note, it's bearable. For a lot of people, this "uphill" stage is nothing more than just pure annoyance (and of course, their lacks of patience driving them crazy >.<).

Good luck!

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Wise words from AsiaXiah as always. My skin got worse after starting a retinoid, but it was nothing major and soon cleared up, so try not to worry.

You don't mention a moisturizer, which you may need to avoid flakiness, do you have one in mind? (remember to wait at least 30 mins after applying Tazorac to moisturize if you intend to). Good luck, I hope it works well for you.

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