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Umm Question about BP and turning normal ..

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Ok, so ive been using Clean and Clear BP on the spot tube. on my face for a few months now. its helped for the most part but, idk my face just doesn't look great..

I didn't use any mostizurer really. So im just thinking of getting off of BP and all this acne meds.

I was wondering how long it will take for the mostizurer in my skin to get back to normal levels .. i guess

I'm doing to stick to normal dove soap, old fashion!


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Ok, firstly stay away from any kind of soap! Really, don't do it, your just asking for further breakouts if you do. People with acne naturally have sensitive skin, and although there are brands of soap (dove included), that have soaps for sensitive skin, they're really not a great idea, instead use a gentle soap free cleanser.

Watch the videos from this site about how to go about the regimen properly. They're a great help. It is extremely important that you cleanse before applying BP, cleansing will open the pores and remove dirt and oil that will prevent the BP from working properly. I would also recommend moisturizing twice a day, even if your skin isn't really that dry.

As for your direct question, a good moisturizer should start working almost immediately. Your skin (put acne aside) should look normal after a few days of use.

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I've had good results using 'Doves Beauty Cream Bar Extra Sensitive' as have many others, check out the reviews on this site. The extra sensitive bar doesn't have any fragrances which could contribute to further breakouts.

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