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Hey, I really need some Accutane, I have tried everything. LIST OF MEDICINES I HAVE TAKEN



1. DOXYCYCLINE – TOOK IT WORKED VERY WELL – Got sun poisoning and had a huge rash on my face on three occasions. Stopped going to class for a couple weeks and had to stop taking the medication until bad sun burn went away.

2. Erythromycin – Didn’t work

3. Amoxicillin – Didn’t work

4. Tetracycline – Didn’t work

5. Cephalexin – Started taking one a day – Didn’t work, then two a day didn’t work, Now I HAVE to take 4-6 MG a day of 500mg to get ride of cysts on my face – under the skin bumps. IT has stopped working for me. Worked good for a long time, now it doesn’t work. I am risking infection because I have no good bacteria in my body anymore.

6. Zinc pills – Worked a little bit, but then cysts starting forming again under my skin. IT would take 3-4 weeks to get one bump to go away.

7. Murad – Didn’t work

8. Proactiv – I use it now – works a little bit. I have used it on 3 different occasions.

9. Clindamycin – Didn’t work, accidentally burned my skin when I used that with a different product, still have two permanent scars on my face from it

10. Benzaclin – Didn’t work

11. Salicylic Acid scrub (St. Ives) – Worked a little bit

12. Retin-A – Works good to dry them up, but I have popped the same bump on my face 4 or 5 times before because it will dry up and then when it peels away it comes up again and I have to pop them which hurts.

13. Proactiv sulfur mask – Helps a little to dry them up

14. MOSITURIZERS GALORE – All types some make my face bright red.

15. Salicylic Acid Concealer (Revlon) – I put in the bumps b4 I leave the house so they aren’t so inflamed.


I have cut high fructose corn syrup and corn syrup completely out of my diet. I have cut milk products including butter out of my diet. I have done trial and error sessions with this and have seen what is ok to eat and what not. Today I only eat raw foods, broccoli, carrots, apples, bananas, chicken, and fish. I hate what I eat; I can’t eat what other people eat because for example on Christmas day, I ate a lot of cookies and other meats. My skin is still healing from that day.


I have had microdermabrasion done on my face on two occasions to no avail. My skin is either too oily or too dry at all times.

Psychological effect

• I have gone from being a very self-confident happy person to not being able to look other people in the eye or myself in the eye when I look in the mirror.

• I look in the mirror approximately 50 times a day.

• Acne has caused me high anxiety at times because

• I feel like I have tried everything possible except the accutane.

• I have gone to 5 or 6 dermatologists over the five year time period I have had acne and they have said that my skin is not bad enough for me to get accutane.

• I have done countless research and seen the amazing results that accutane does from reducing the sebaceum levels in your skin to the kertainazation changes when it comes to scarring.

• I read acne.org almost religiously.

• The dermatologists stopped giving me Cephalexin because they said I have been on it for way too long and I take too much. I ended up ordering it online FISH FLEX which are prescribed for fish for bacteria with the same active ingredient in it. IT is the only thing which stops the cysts from growing on my face.

• My 8 year old nephew asked me to come over on Friday night and I made an excuse to cancel because I am too embarrassed about my skin

• My skin now is better than has been in a while but I am taking too much Cephalexin.

• I first got it when I was 18 years old and it was disgusting, with huge cysts and formations that connected all over my cheeks. I didn’t even know it was acne at first because of how it looked.

• I change pillow cases and towels every two to three days

• I only sleep at with the top of my face touching the pillow so my cheeks aren’t exposed to it when I sleep for oil purposes.

• My father had very bad acne as a teenager and adult before he died. It cleared up some when he got older

• My mother had blackheads and still has some bumps on her face from time to time and she is 60 years old.

• When I visit my grandmother she gets very upset when she sees bumps on my face and asks what happened to her gorgeous boy.

• I have quit many jobs or stopped going to work or even left in the middle of my shift because when I went to restroom I couldn’t bear to see how I looked after I looked in the mirror.

• I am sometimes paralyzed in my house for days at a time with medication on my face because I can’t bear for people to see me like this.

• The # 1 thing that makes me so upset is when people touch their face, most frequently under their neck, or they touch a bump on their back, do the whole eyebrow wipe thing, or pick at a bump they don’t even have after they see my bumps. People try to tell me this isn’t happening but I can tell because if I am having an “OK†skin day I can see people not doing it as frequently.

• I sit in the bus or in the classroom based on which side of my face isn’t as bad that day. ALWAYS next to a wall so one side of my face isn’t exposed to everyone.

• I am incredibly social, always sharing in class. Very likable and the women still like me a lot. But when I see someone looking funny at my skin or touching their face I almost shut down.

• My mother is at the point now where she can’t deal with my skin problems and doesn’t want to talk to me because that’s all I talk about.

• I have no depression and don’t have a history of it in my family.

• I am the happiest person, happy go lucky person you could ask for when my skin is in semi-order, when not I go into a funk of sorts.

• I just need to find a solution, I don’t want a high dose of accutane, I have read countless case studies and I mean countless of a very high success rates with low dosages of accutane. 5-10 mg a day. With very little to no side effects associated it with it. I brought a couple articles with me 2day.

• Sometimes I spend as much as 3 hours total in the mirror on a daily basis, I wake up in the morning and ask GOD why is this happening to me I have more important things to worry about.


THANKS SCOTTY [email protected]

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