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So what on earth should I do now!!!

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Hi Guys - hope you're all well.

So here's my story. I had a rhinoplasty in June 2007, which didn't go well. My aesthetic result was messy and more importantly, my nasal valves have gradually collapsed, which is causing me MAJOR breathing problems. I can't even sleep at night, and I have to take a sinus spray 6 times a day (which is dangerous if you take it longer than 5 days - i've taken it for 5 months - but I have to in order to breathe).

Dealing with the stress of my bad surgery, i developed quite mild acne. I'd always had minor acne but the stress made me flare up so much that I couldn't control it. So my derm put me on accutane on january 3rd 2008, so it's been about a month.

But - because of my breathing, I HAVE to have my revision surgery in April. This is the earliest my new surgeon would do it. I asked him before I went on the accutane if it would be safe so close to my surgery. He said it was fine, no problems, nothing. He is the most famous nose surgeon in the UK by the way, so initially, I trusted him. I also asked my derm who said that he wasn't sure and that I should ask my surgeon.

I have asked other surgeons and a number of medical bodies, they all say that there's no documented evidence, so it's fine. But then I come on here, and people are saying they have had problems with healing. In what way, could someone describe?? Is it excess scar tissue, is it hypertrophic scarring?? Please let me know.

As I am only a month on accutane, and if I decide to come off it, my cumulative dose is 1000mg, so 3 months will be an ok time to elapse for my operation right? Because most people on here are on 10000mg+ and advised to wait 6 months for surgery.

I will speak to my derm again but he'll still be clueless. Should I just come off it??? Its worked really well for me so far - my skin is not oily but not too dry, If I come off it at this stage, I guess it will just go back to how it was rather quickly, i.e very oily??

Please advise!!


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