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I have suffered with acne for a long time about 9-10 yrs. I have tried tons of products and have been seeing my dermatologist since i was 14. I have not honestly been on antibiotics for no more than maybe 2 weeks becuz they would get me really light headed and i couldnt deal with the side effects. I work in a hospital with patients, dr's etc. I am constantly around people and im am seriously affraid to go on accutane becuz i am aware that your skin can get much worse before it gets better. I am really embarassed by my skin but i continue to do wat i have to do at work and try not to let people see how badly it bothers me. I feel i will be tons and tons of times more embarassed if my skin gets any worse. When my skin has bad flare ups i try my best to avoid walking around if i really dont have to just so no one can see me!!!. What do you think i should do? I have been struggling with this issue for at least 2 years. I know some one who was diagnosed with precancerous cells after taking this medicine on 2 differnt cycles. Help me please. Thanks alot

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hey unsure07,

Before any of us can try and help you it would be nice to know what treatments you have already tried? How would you describe your acne? Have you or are you taking any vitamins/supplements? Also what are you washing with, etc.

Let us know and I'll try and suggest something from my own experience. Look forward to helping. :dance:

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