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i had been pretty happy with my regimen for the past several weeks. i had made a switch to using a combo of aloe and jojoba as my moisturizer. (plus sunscreen during the day)

the aloe was burning a bit at first. but got great advice from the boards to dilute it with a bit of water since straight-up aloe can be drying.

anyway, was going fine. but i ran out of my first bottle of aloe.

and i was lazy b/c the bottle i had purchased was an ingestible-quality aloe gel from lily of the dessert. the bottle was kind of big and had to be refrigerated. and i was thinking i wanted to maybe try a different kind of aloe that would be more convenient for topical purposes.

did a bunch of reading and looking around and decided to try aubrey's pure aloe vera b/c it seemed to contain only aloe, plus a grapefruit derived preservative and vitamin e.

started using it on monday and my skin has progressively gotten worse since then - white heads one after the other.

tonight i skipped the aloe and just used jojoba and i think i'm going to go back to the non-cosmetic grade lily of the desert.

questions i have are:

1. has anyone used the aubrey product? if so, have you had any breakouts b/c of it?

2. is there any "good" reason why this might be happening that would cause you to suggest that i keep using the aubrey product for a certain number of days/weeks?...i mean, should a new aloe cause "purging"...i feel like it should not... but would appreciate any feedback

3. is there any other brand you would recommend? i am not really interested in the fruit of th earth b/c i'm trying to keep number of ingredients to a minimum...

4. if you use a non-cosmetic-grade aloe, how do you manage travel, since the product requires refrigeration?

thanks very much

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Hmmm... it should not be breaking you out, th eonly thing I can think of is the preservative. GSE is not really safe and natural as so many would claim. I like Mountain Rose Herbs:


This incredibly stable Aloe Vera Gel with a pourable consistency is highly beneficial for dietary, cosmetic, and household use. A helpful and indispensable household ally for treating burns, bites, and other skin maladies. Pulverized from the inner fillet of certified organically grown Aloe Vera plants, and further filtered to produce a clear and consistent Aloe gel with a well rounded, and fresh odor.

Contains 99.7% pure organic Aloe Vera, and natural preservatives and stabilizers consisting of Potassium Sorbate, and Citric Acid at a percentage not to exceed 0.3%. May occasionally contain pieces of pulp and inner fillet. The 8 ounce retail bottle is packaged with a pump top and the other sizes are packaged in bulk.

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thanks, ayla!

i have to credit you with giving the tip to add H2O to the aloe when it was causing a burning sensation - thank you!

i considered the lily topical, but that seemed to have lots of ingredients and so i opted for the aubrey.

i'll definitely going to check out the mountain rose product. guessing you have to refrigerate it, right? i'll just deal. it's not that huge an issue. just tough for traveling... i'll have to figure that out.

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Oh that was you! Cool! Nope the mountain rose doesn't need refrigeration, and it comes in a pump bottle (that locks) - neat :D

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