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I'm currently on Clindoxyl (first prescribed medication) and so far (two weeks in), my results are quite good. In fact I'm almost clear, on the road to clear skin (for now -wink wink-). It might sound silly, since I'm not there yet, but I was wondering if any of you know of the "right" way to slowly come off of a medication. I don't want (most people don't) to have a breakout from suddenly stopping and confusing the shit out of my skin in the process... I was thinking it could go something like this:

(Let's say I'm clear by a month into this...) I'd keep using it as usual for another month or so. After that, I'd only apply it every other day for two weeks. Then apply it every three days or less, for three weeks. Does anyone have good transition plan? I'm very new to this sort of thing.

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Most acne meds simply control acne until it has run it's course and is ready to go on it's own. Accutane can continue to work a long time after you take it in various ways and for some has been a cure or as close as it gets to one. My point is if you come off your meds you will proably find your acne returns to where it was. However if you are totally clear it does make sense to reduce your medication periodically to see if acne will return.

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