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anyone did the Zinc Talley test?

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You can make your own Zinc Talley test solution by mixing 2 grams of zinc sulfate 2 litres of distilled water and follow instruction outlined below. Making 2 litres of solution may seem a bit excessive but it makes a much more accurate solution when using kitchen weigh scales. Of course if you have access to more precise tools than by all means make a small quantity equivalent to 0.1% zinc sulfate solution


# Have you lost much of your sense of taste and smell?

# Do you have adult acne, even if you didn't have it as a teenager?

# Do you get frequent colds and flu, usually with an ear infection?

# Is your hair going prematurely gray? Does it grow slowly? Is your hair texture dry with brittle ends?

# Do your nails have white flecks? Do they peel and fray easily? Do they grow abnormally slowly?

# Do you have an enlarged prostate (BPH) or prostatitis?

# Is your skin dry and cracked? Do you get fungal skin infections? Do cuts or rashes heal slowly? Do you sunburn easily?

# Have you been diagnosed with macular degeneration? Are your eyes overly sensitive to sunlight?

# Does your body have trouble with sugar balance? Do you have diabetes or hypoglycemia?

# Do you have a history of low sperm counts? Have you ever suffered from impotence or erection problems?

# Do you get often get herpes-type mouth sores? Are your lips regularly dry, cracked or chapped?

if you answered yes to any of these then you may have a deficiency in zinc.

i am getting a considerable amount of gray hair and i am only 21(going 22 soon) and ofcourse i have acne.i am on accutane and have still 10 days to go.after that i will look into taking zinc.

i will highly advise you to look into zinc and do a test.(just to be on the safe side)

i even read that it helps hormonal acne too.





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