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I CANNOT Believe I Went To School Looking Like THAT!

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Today when I woke up and cleansed my face I noticed I had a small red pastule near my nostril which seemed almost invisible. When I came home after school I discovered the shock of my life, over 5+ hours I had developed 6-7 whiteheads! I cannot believe I was speaking to people looking like that and they acted like it wasn't there at all! Perhaps this indicates true friendship between myself and my mates, particularly my best mate who spoke to me as normal with direct eye contact. I was very shocked yet at the same time I felt a sense of courage and friendship because my best mate obviously didn't care at all about the disgusting whiteheads I had developed even though I knew something felt different in that area on my face. I haven't popped them because I would rather wait for them to disappear on their own and not come back! They SERIOUSLY make me sick! Does anybody know how long whiteheads take to disappear on their own?? My best mate has flawless skin and sometimes I question myself 'How can he stay best friends with somebody like me!?" For once I just want to have clear skin and go to school happy and courageous!! I am sick of Acne in general and I hope it disappears off my skin forever! I reguarly get Salicylic Acid peels and that has helped with the redness and acne, but this sudden breakout (even though its small) is putting me down! I wish I could click my fingers and it would all be gone!!!

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there are few people who judge another based solely on their looks, and those people are usually very, very sad.

if you were to befriend them then you yourself would have to be as judgmental as they, and most people are not.

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