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I need to rant at the moment. Don't mind me. I need to get it out

I don't know whats worse. Having acne, which already makes the skin red and blotchy looking, and leaves it extremely sensative. OR having Psoriasis on your face. Which is a skin condition that leaves the skin flaky, red, EXTREMELY dry, and can be painful.

I mean, they say stress can make the psoriasis worse. Well thats the same with acne. So gold help me if I get stressed. Then my doctor decides to tell me not to stress that much. WHAT!? Are you kidding me? Ok Im done stressing now coz you told me not to stress over anything. Just like that, Im all better! Whatever! Im the type of person who gets stressed over the small things, and ends up exploding when the big things come along. Its just so hard. I can't take most of the acne medication because of my Psoriasis will make it even drier and flakier. I can't use ProActive, and it does look like it works, but of course I can't take it. Im so frusterated. My confidence has dropped even lower over the past few months because of the winter makes my Psoriasis worse due to the cold. I need summer heat to treat it basically. Its all frusterating after awhile because everyime someone looks at me, I automatically think that someone is judging me because I have acne/Psoriasis. I can be harsh towards myself sometimes, but I mean, Im only human and a girl. Thats what we do best. Judge ourselves, and always compare each other to celebrities trying to live everyone else's expectations.

Im really sorry if I sound like a bitch, I just needed to get that out of my system. I feel a bit better. Maybe sleep has something to do with this considering its 4 in the morning. Good God I didn't think it was that late! lol


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