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Recently, I thought my skin was only irritated. It's been red in the cheek, forehead, and chin areas. Usually the redness fades after I shower, but then it comes back like normal. For the past two days, I've been flushing incredibly when I exercise, but the flush is in my face, neck, and shoulders. Usually my face reddens in heat (not cold), and I've noticed that when I look at my face closely under the florescent lights in my bathroom, my face will flush (which I heard was common for people with Rosacea).

I heard that people with Rosacea often have pauple-like breakouts. All my inflamed acne went away while using Clindamycin lotion (antibiotic). Can that happen with breakouts induced by Rosacea, or does this mean that my breakouts are simply acne?

Also, does Tretinoin cream help at all with Rosacea? Does it hinder it?

I'm not sure if I have Rosacea or simply facial irritation, but this flushing has me really worried. =/


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If it really is rosacea, then retinoids might not be so good. I heard some dermatologists actually try curing rosacea with accutane, but I hear that that can result in either a worsened or lessened condition.

I think if you're really concerned about it, you should consult your dermatologist, because really, he/she is going to know the best. The one thing I realized is that I get a lot of great information on this forum, but it's so easy to self-diagnose and decide for myself which prescriptions are going to work for the better ~ mostly to result in me having to go back to my dermatologist and him giving me the best option for me.

So really, talk with your dermatologist and really voice your concerns for the redness (even though they're doctors, they can't really help you unless you really give them all the details).

Good luck!

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Yeah, I think I'll try to make an appointment. I don't know if this is a circulation issue or something like Rosacea... I'm trying to decide whether I should see my doctor or my derm. I'll probably try my derm first, but if there's a long wait, I'll just see my doctor. Thanks for all your help lately!! =]

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