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And so I begin my accutane adventure

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Well...i finally started the beginning of the end of my acne, or so I hope.

A few questions, as I have not gotten any side-effects yet (just started today):

I know that lip balm is key! BUT....as far as moisturizer and SPF, what do you guys suggest?

Also: What do you guys wash your face with? like what kind of soap?

I was using medicated soaps before...and I was told not to use them anymore while on accutane, so whats the next best thing??

SOTRET: my derm prescribed it for me, any differences from accutane? anything I should know?

and more generally: any advice?

thanks in advance :)

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Face cleanser I would suggest purpose gentle wash or cetaphil cleanser.

Moisturizer I would recommend cetaphil moisturizing lotion...

I took Sotret and it was totally fine with me.....

Don't worry about the skincare stuff, just buy something gentle, there are a lot of options out there...definitely buy moisturizer, your skin will be extremely dry everywhere, including your body, the cetaphil lotion will be big enough to cover your face and your body instead of just buying a little bottle of face lotion.

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day 11 of sotret

so far so good, the acne I had is less red and on its way out ( I didnt have A LOT)

ive been cleansing with cetaphil gentle cleanser.

havent had to use much moisturizer, havent really dried up yet.

ive been using lip balm...so no dry lips.

no side effects otherwise...my eyes are a little dry with contacts, but its bearable for sure.

no joint pain...and I do weight lifting and play hockey daily...i dont take fish oil either.

hmmm...what else....

well generally I feel fine.

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