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Coloring Hair....to do or not do

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Hi all,

I'm just wondering if anyone has had difficulty with hair coloring while on accutane and drying out hair? I usually get my hair highlighted every 10-12 weeks. Now that I'm on tane my hair is already drying (beginning month 2) and I'm wondering if I should skip the coloring while on tane. Any experiences or advice is well appreciated!


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I had highlighted my hair while I am on accutane. I am actually going to get it done again soon. I have to get an appointment though. As long as you don't like bleach it you should be fine. If you use a really good hydrating conditioner you should be fine. My hair is really soft and I use Aquage and Nioxin. Hope this helps

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Hi -

I had my hair colored and highlighted on Tane. Just have a good salon do it (or use good products that don't damage hair). Also, I recommend really good shampoos and conditioners on Tane. Wash hair less, and baby it more. Mask your hair atleast once a week so it doesn't turn to straw and get dull.

Good luck.

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i colour my hair on tane too. im blonde but i add extra highlights to make it more blonde.

tell the salon your situation and u want the best noroshing/moitsurising treatment after your coloring, it may be pricey

but whats the price to having healthy hair, then to have it all fall out :)

also use a conditioner which contains jojoba oil,vitamin e and provitamin b5. i buy koza 15 liter containers from a wholesalor which is the exzact same stuff

they use in salons. its expensive but 15 liters last me a long time

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