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Cheek Redness

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Hey everyone,

I have no acne at all on my chin or my cheeks, my only trouble spot is my forehead which is getting better as i'm getting older. The only problem is, even though my chin looks great and my forehead looks great when it has no pimples, my cheeks tend to always look like shit. Especially during the winter, they'll be very red, specifically the area right next to my nose and it extends out to like the middle of my eye then gradually fades away as my cheek goes on. It usually gets really red right when I get out of the shower, and feels very dry and sometimes flakes, but moisturizer alone never usually gets rid of the color. Is there any tips or tricks that I can use to lessen or cure my cheek red ness?

Thank you

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The redness you are experiencing seems to be a common condition that a lot of people with sensitive skin experience during cold weather.

Keep on moisturizing well and try to avoid irritating the skin, whether that means lowering the shower water temperature a bit or not scrubbing or touching your face.

The important thing is that you don't seem to be flushing badly (now, that's a whole differin story >.<).

If the redness bothers you a lot you might even want to talk to your dermatologist. He/she is going to have the best arsenal to deal with it (from topicals to laser treatment).

Good luck!

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ok thank you, one last thing, when I use Dan's moisturizer on my cheeks they get very red for a few seconds then it goes away. Is this normal or is it making things worse? Is there a better moisturizer i should be using?

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