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Sugarless Diet log

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Okay a little about myself. I had acne since I was a teen, and I had it ever since. My face is really oily, especially in the T-zone, but expanding to my sweet cheeks. I also have lots of light-colored blackheads on my nose. A couple years ago I learned that sugar and high-GI foods broke me out badly, to which I severely limited intake of. It was extremely successful, and I enjoyed stroking my smooth forehead. It was still an oil-slick though. The downside was I started getting thin. Really thin. It was like I had a boner in every part of my body. I slowly eased off the diet, and things were alright for the most part. Problem was, I was getting careless with the yummies, especially with this blasted cold weather.

Last night I had a hell of a time trying to sleep. Multiple nodular/cystic bacne meant I could only sleep on my sides. One burst in my favorite shirt whilst I was sleeping last week. That shirt’s done for, and I now have a huge purple spot the size of a penny. Apart from a laughable slightly inflamed pustule under my eye, I'm counting my blessings as nothing bad has appeared on my face.

Right then, the process is relatively simple. I remove almost anything with sugar in them, as well as some high-GI foods from my diet. That means no biscuits, cookies, cakes, bread, pasta, sweets, milk-chocolates, milk, and so forth. I'll only make an exception to Fuji apples and bananas, the only two fruits I like. This time however, I'll combine the diet with several teaspoons of vinegar before every meal. The acid ensures that my blood sugar level doesn't spike as much after meals, cutting it by half according to research. Although I'm confident I can eliminate large cystic/nodular acne with the diet, I want to see what effect chucking down vinegar has on my oil production.

I'm under no illusions on the timeframe this diet requires. As I've done this experiment dozens of times, I'm highly accustomed to every step in the process. I’ll take about two weeks before all inflamed acne disappears, and a further two weeks to confirm that the experiment is a success. I'll report my progress on a weekly basis, and only post daily when I'm really craving something and feeling weak in the mind. That would be your cue to jump in, and maybe distract me with sensuous imagery of the female form. I suspect it would take a pair making out juicily to be just about effective for every possible emergency situation. ;):dance::wub:


Drank dark tea this morning and afternoon. Mixed with evaporated milk. Will eliminate the milk tomorrow and for the rest of the month. Vinegar on second tea. Straight down my throat. Will limit intake of rice for meals.

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Day 1:

Breakfast - Tea with evaporated milk.

Lunch - Meat and rice.

Teatime - Vinegar and dark tea with evaporated milk. Resisted chocolate cake, feel so proud of myself.

Dinner - Mushroom dish with rice, vinegar afterwards. Vinegar bubble popped as I downed it, stung my eye real bad. Took it like a man.

Midnight Munch - One man-fisted Fuji apple.

Notes: Garlic bread and chocolate milk mix is tempting me.

Day 2:

Breakfast - Tea.

Lunch - Tuna and rice with vinegar.

Teatime - Skipped it.

Dinner - Chicken and rice. Vinegar afterwards.

Midnight Munch - Apple and vinegear.

Notes: Thats odd. Three large bacne nodules/cysts didn't hurt last night, which they should've. After waking up, they felt better. My manly mandom must've terrified them into submission.

Day 3:

Breakfast - Gave in very slightly. Tea with evaporated milk, and 3 biscuits. A touch more vinegar afterwards.

Lunch - Bacon rice. Forgot to drink vinegar!

Teatime - Skipped it.

Dinner - Broccoli Tofu stir-fry and rice. Skipped vinegar because I felt unwell.

Midnight Munch - Ran out of apples!

Notes: After washing my face yesterday, I noticed how oil-free my forehead stayed. It'd get oily after an hour, but it stayed matte and clear for 3-4 hours. Was looking in the mirror and I thought "Whos that guy?! Is that Bob?". It couldn't have been me because my face was almost glowing, a manly glow. I then scared myself for a sec thinking it was an evil doppleganger from an alternate universe. But it was me. I then proceeded to touching myself. If I keep this up, I can finally grab my face by the jaw, and rub it against someone elses without leaving an oil-slick!

After dinner, it became oily again. Oh well, at least its still bright and spots n' pores aren't as visible.

Day 4:

Breakfast - Tea with evaporated milk and biscuits. Vinegar afterwards.

Lunch - Broccolo Tofu stir-fry and rice (made too much last night). Vinegar afterwards.

Teatime - Tea with evaporated milk, then vinegar, then roasted meat.

Dinner - Sumptous Beef Curry with rice. Lots of vinegar an hour later.

Midnight Munch - Skipped it.

Notes: Felt unwell the previous night, so I skipped drinking vinegar to maintain my blood sugar levels. I ate biscuits this morning to keep me going. Vinegar right after, I'll probably drink more after 30 minutes. No zits or spots at all, but I was really oily this morning.. and the opposite of glowing. No surprise since I didn't take any vinegar for a whole day. I'll down lots of vinegar for lunch and dinner today to see what happens tomorrow morning. Yeah *flexes manly muscles*.

Notes: Well I just consumed lots of vinegar an hour after dinner. Judging from the speed of its effects previously, I suspect it works almost immediately after consumption. What I wanted to do was an ultimate test on vinegars effectiveness, the overnighter! *dum* *dumm* *DUMMMM* Nothing so far in my 20 years battling this scourge has lasted the overnighter, not even to the slightest improvement. So, I'm going to thoroughly wash my face now. Lets see what happens tomorrow morning.

Day 5:

Breakfast - Tea with evaporated milk, and 2 biscuits. Vinegar afterwards.

Lunch - Beef Curry with rice. Skipped vinegar.

Teatime - Skipped it.

Dinner - Cauliflower dish.

Midnight Munch - One banana.

Notes: Woke up after 7 hours, and touched myself. It felt greasy, I then went straight for the mirror. The complexion still looked great, about the same as yesterday and the day before. I just can't say for certain whether the vinegar did anything to the oil. I'd like to say it was cut by half, because it certainly looked that way. But I want to be absolutely sure on this because I don't want to chug vinegar for the rest of my life. I'll wait until the temperature rises to ~20C and test it again. I'll follow Bryan's experiments and test this for damn sure using Sebutape (assuming I can find some). For now, I'll hold off drinking vinegar regularly and only swallow some after a sugary drink/snack.

Day 6:

Breakfast - Skipped it.

Lunch - Fish and meat dish.

Teatime - Skipped it.

Dinner - Meat.

Midnight Munch - Skipped it.

Notes: Face felt really greasy this morning, less glowy. Nothing much else.

Day 7:

Breakfast - Evaporated milk tea and several biscuits.

Lunch - Meat.

Teatime - Hot cocoa and several biscuits. Vinegar afterwards.

Dinner - Fish curry with coconut and rice.

Midnight Munch - Skipped it.

Notes: I woke up with a wide raised bump on the side of my face today. I suspect it's from the biscuits I've been eating all week for breakfast. I didn't think I ate so many until I checked the log. Golly, I better cut back, and replace it with something like a candybar. Face still looks okay.

Notes: I decided to celebrate by first week of poor diet management with a nice hot sugary cocoa beverage.

Progress report: Normally this is a piece of cake, but the blasted cold weather has given me this monsterous, almost sexual urges for things that make my tongue tingle, and something I have rather weak control over. So I am going to start putting up daily updates from now on. There's nothing better in keeping one in line than getting the eye of judgement from internet strangers.

I also have a craving for the pizza chick teller. No, I am only pulling your leg. I would not disclose such private things to strangers such as yourselves. It would not only be inappropriate for this family forum, I would also be terribly embarrassed. But no.

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Day 8:

Breakfast - Milk tea and gorged myself on sweetmeal biscuits.

Lunch - Fish curry and rice.

Teatime - Milk tea and gorged myself on sweelmeal biscuits. Vinegar afterwards.

Dinner - Asian stirfried flat noodles with chicken, onions, spring onions, thai chillies, and dark soy sauce.

Midnight Munch - Skipped it.

Notes: I am going to stuff myself until I get a really bad cystic bacne. I'll then feel so bad, that it would give me impetus to stay strictly on track on my diet for at least another week.

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Day 9:

Breakfast - Milk tea, lots of digestive biscuits. Drank vinegar afterwards.

Lunch - Fried sausages and eggs.

Teatime - Milk tea. I tried a sponge-like cake, with sugary top. Disgusting, I regretted ever putting that into my mouf.

Dinner - Chicken and potato dish (vinegar, garlic, soy).

Midnight Munch - Skipped it.

Notes: Got a pins and needles feeling on my temples right after teatime. Can't wait to regret it.

Day 10:

Breakfast - Milk tea and pancakes.

Lunch - Stirfried rice.

Teatime - Milk tea and cake.

Dinner - Sweet n' sour meatball dish.

Midnight Munch - Fuji apple.

Notes: Yesterdays slight pins and needles feeling in my temples turned out to be small nodules in the early stages of development. Three new painful spots appeared exatly where the feeling was, and it's going to be big unless I do something. So, today will be my final day of snacking on sweets :). Finally.

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Day 11:

Breakfast - Tea.

Lunch - Broccoli and chicken /w rice.

Teatime - Tea.

Dinner - Brown lentils /w rice.

Midnight Munch - Skipped.

Day 12:

Breakfast - Tea.

Lunch - Brown lentils /w rice.

Teatime - Tea.

Dinner - Cauliflower and veggie dish /w rice.

Midnight Munch - Skipped.

Day 13:

Breakfast - Tea.

Lunch - Meat /w rice.

Teatime - Tea.

Dinner - Garbanzo curry with potato and pork /w rice.

Midnight Munch - Skipped.

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I, with great and upsetting regret, have decided to inform you that the nippy weather has gotten the best of me. As a stud muffin, I have unfortunately participated in the mass oral orgy and consumption of large muffins within a period of a day. Adding to this I have also, for reasons unbeknownst to me, gotten sick from said activity. I have thus slurpped on sweet cough syrup to aid in the congestion of my sickly throat. Such unwholesome activities have resulted in several painful mounds all over my muscular form.

I will restart this experiment again in the warmer Spring season, and will also include the addition of vinegar to spice things up. Until then, farewell.

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I think this is the oddest log I've ever read. :-)

So basically, you put yourself through an Intensive Regimenâ„¢ of making significant dietary changes, but sabotaging yourself every step of the way by gorging on glutenous and sugary foods and, in fact, hoping to break out in grotesque acne as an impetus to cut out sweets for good? And felt manly along the way?

Well, I'm glad I'm not the only one. My discipline has been failing me a lot lately. I've reneged even on my six years of being a vegetarian; I've feasted on foods containing iodine, sugar, even gluten, eating more than I should in general because I've felt badly.

Yet I'm still clearing up. It may be the quick-fix, slacker solution which can only control and never cure, but I ♥ antibiotics and topicals.

I can sympathize with the self-sabotage, and if you want to neutralize it as a factor, you might want to incorporate pharmaceutical solutions.

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Such is the unfortunate dilemma of every manly man finding himself in a situation as this. On the one hand, a man has his manly will and determination, a trait that gives said man his manly strength and power. On the other hand, a man has his great manly appetite for all things he desires, especially when said man finds it through his wandering eyes. A man wins, and looses at the same time. One can do no more than shake ones great manly fist up into the air, and curse through the depth of ones manly voice at such circumstance.

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