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does hydroquinone work?

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hi i had pretty bad acne so i decided to use proactiv and at first it got worse but i just kept using it for around 3 months and now it reduced breakouts by 50%. and sometimes i use a salicylic acid cleanser which i think works better to reduce pimples. SO i am happy that my acne is going away but i have alot of redish, brownish marks (it looks light brown far away and red close up)so i bought Neostrata HQ Plus gel 4%. since i live in canada i can buy HQ products. But this product as contains 5% glycolic acid. so it is mixed HQ and glycolic. i used this for 1 week now and i havent noticed any change except the fact that it turned redder. and even my skin which did not have red marks turned a little bit red. is this a sign that HQ+glycolic is working? and when will i see a big change?

i also know that i am supposed to wait for all my acne to go away and then start treating red marks and stuff but i cant wait becuase it was affecting my social life! so right now i can using proactiv sometimes, salicylic acid cleanser and this neostrata HQ gel. lol yes i know im not supposed to mix but i dont get breakouts and my skin is still clearing.

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Yeahyeah, I have wasted thousands of thousands on trying.. Life is unfair, just face it.

I think Aqua Glycolic cleansing gel works for red marks, and when I think a product is working, it actually must be working (most products are crap)! You should try it.

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