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Hyperpigmentation treatments while on accutane?

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Basically, I am on accutane, and have been for about...a month and a half or so. I had severe acne, but accutane cleared me up within about 3 weeks, so I was very excited.

Now, of course, the leftover redmarks. Is there anything I can do WHILE on accutane? I understand topicals are not an option, and I am using jojoba oil right now..but is there anything else?

I know accutane causes the "tane burn", but I'd still like to give some regimens a shot while Im on my course.

Also, why does the redness look better when I wake up? Is it because of blood circulation or something??

Thanks for reading and/or helping :D

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Its not a good idea to do anything for your red marks while on tane. Your skin becomes VERY sensitive and fragile. Using other products while on tane can increase the dryness and irritation.

Plus, you've also just started. They might fade while you're still on tane. And if they don't you'll still have months afterward to think about your choices.

Your skin actually stays fragile and weaker for 1 or 2 years.

Plus my derm found that her patients looked 5 times better 5 or 6 months after their last dose (as in the mark fade).

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