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milk causes acne?

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Read a few articles on the internet and it seems that milk from pregnant cows produces hormones thus causing oil gands to act up.

I cant just stop drinking milk right? i mean , i love drinkin milk and i drink em every single day. - -

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Well, it's really hard to pin-point a cause for acne, especially a dietary one. If we follow strictly all the dietary observations and suggestions the acne.org members say, we'll basically be vegans on a low carb diet taking larges doses of fish oil and multivitamins :D

I guess for many people, there are certain foods that trigger their acne, whether its chocolate or dairy or seafood. However there are also numerous people who don't have a dietary trigger.

So i guess your best bet is to lay off dairy for about a month or two and see if there is any change in your acne. If there is an improvement and you are convinced that it is a trigger, then it's up to you to decide if laying off dairy is worth it.

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It just depends on who you are I suppose. Water and green tea and cranberries are suppose to help with acne right? Well I've been drinking those and eating a lot of fruits for months now and my acne is the same.

I've been drinking milk everyday since I was young and acne never flared up until a year ago when I got stressed out. What causes acne is different for every person. Its just a whole mental guessing game.

The best thing to do is try to not drink milk for a while and see if your acne flares up or not.

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There is studies showing that milkproducts have an effect on acne.

J Am Acad Dermatol. 2008 Jan 12.

We sought to examine the association between dietary dairy intake and teenaged acne among boys.

This was a prospective cohort study. We studied 4273 boys, members of a prospective cohort study of youths and of lifestyle factors, who reported dietary intake on up to 3 food frequency questionnaires from 1996 to 1998 and teenaged acne in 1999. We computed multivariate prevalence ratios and 95% confidence intervals for acne.

After adjusting for age at baseline, height, and energy intake, the multivariate prevalence ratios (95% confidence interval; P value for test of trend) for acne comparing highest (>2 servings/d) with lowest (<1/wk) intake categories in 1996 were 1.16 (1.01, 1.34; 0.77) for total milk, 1.10 (0.94, 1.28; 0.83) for whole/2% milk, 1.17 (0.99, 1.39; 0.08) for low-fat (1%) milk, and 1.19 (1.01, 1.40; 0.02) for skim milk.

Not all members of the cohort responded to the questionnaire. Acne assessment was by self-report and boys whose symptoms might have been part of an underlying disorder were not excluded. We did not adjust for steroid use and other lifestyle factors that may affect occurrence of acne.

We found a positive association between intake of skim milk and acne. This finding suggests that skim milk contains hormonal constituents, or factors that influence endogenous hormones, in sufficient quantities to have biological effects in consumers.

Dermatol J. 2006 May 30;12(4):1.

Some hormones in milk are carried by whey proteins, including α-lactalbumin, which also have intrinsic biological functions. Animals fed α-lactalbumin-enriched whey protein show increased will and capacity to engage in physical activities, gains in lean body mass, improved efficiency of exercise training, and decreased percentage body fat mass; all of which are similar to the effect of androgens. In addition, α-lactalbumin undergoes pressure-induced conformational alteration, possibly because of centrifugation stresses during processing; this leads to changes in biological function. Whey proteins are also added to low fat and skim milk to simulate the consistency of whole milk. These proteins might therefore play a role in acne.


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