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Mandy Ann

Glycolic Peel vs Salicylic Acid Peel

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I unfortunatly am a sufferer of not only shallow scarring, but severe redmarks all over my face. After doing some research, I read about glycolic peels and salicylic acid peels... both sound very promising for fading hyperpigmentation. :o If you've had any experience with either of those, please share!

Oh and a couple questions--

What is the down time for each of those peels?

How long before you saw improvement for your red marks and/or indented scarring?

And what "brand" would you recommend?

Thanks in advance :D

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i did the 30% glyco;ic peel last week

my face peel off like crazy but when all de shitz came off

my skin is much fesher and smoohter ..

iam happy

remember that was only my 1st

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I've given you my recommendation in PM but I'll add it here, too! :)

I would just stick with a retinoid for now (and you mentioned a great one, Green Cream) and not do a peel for a while. I would wait at least six months preferably a year before you do a peel as your skin was so devastated even prior to your Accutane therapy. The level 3 Green Cream should be fine and gentle enough not to irritate your poor skin. Treat your skin gently!

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Yep good idea Wynne, thanks! =]

I have some level 6 green cream here that I bought like last April that I think I'll start off with, rather than getting level 3.... I only used it a couple times and don't want it to go to waste. Plus my skin is quite tough... nothing seems to irritate/burn/sting it! lol (this is coming from a girl who could use 100% undiluted tea tree oil all over the face without the slightest sting and minimal redness :shifty:)

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