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Im coming off Minocycline

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I don't want to take Mino anymore, even though it works to keep inflammation and infection down I don't think it is very healthy to be on antibiotics for too long, I have been on it for almost a year and when I drink it makes me dizzy, and black out so I am stopping this drug.

I am going to use the regimen now and I should have been for a while because it did work pretty good for me when I did, now my acne is less aggressive ( I hope ) and the regimen will be enough to stop breakouts.

I just wanna know what you guy's think about coming off this stuff, I have been taking 2 100 mg pills a day now so I am going to go to 2 one day, and 1 another, and alternate for two weeks, then go to one pill a day for 2 weeks, the go to a pill every other day for another 2 weeks, then completely stop them after 6 weeks. Is this enough of a time frame to get off them without any adverse effects? I will be starting and using the regimen as I am doing this so in 6 weeks after using the regimen I'll be off antibiotics and the Benzoyl Peroxide will be doing the job of fighting the acne.

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takin antibiotics for a long period of time doesnt hurt you at all ... but they will stop working after youve been on them for awhile

my grandmother has been taking antibiotics for years because of her bad leg to keep it from swolling up and shit but they barely and i mean barely work anymore since shes been takin them so long.

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Its the alcohol, and Mino, I have recently been getting bad effects from mixing them, so I am stopping drinking untill I ween off the antibiotics.

They stop working anyway, and I am going to have to go off them eventually so might as well make it now, right?

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