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How Long?

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So my question is, for those of you who have cleared, or who have experienced being clear from holistic methods, how long should it take my skin to improve with all of the diet changes, sleep modification/regulation, and things like meditation? 6 months? 8 months? (and this includes redmarks, and just general skin quality, not necessarily just breakouts)

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Varies from person to person. I've seen people clear up just after a few weeks where as others didn't clear up until 6 months+. Red Marks will always stick around so it all depends on how you treat those marks and what your current regimen is.

Personally, I've done numerous methods and just recently found something that works for me. It's taken me almost 6 months to find out my cause and try and reverse what I've done. It's a lifetime struggle but I hope to win this battle Soon!~ Find your troubled foods and Avoid them like the plague. Dairy and Wheat are a killer for me.

I've got the odd white head that pops up...but I've managed to keep them under control!~ I hope to be fully clear within the next month or two :pray:


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Well through diet, I've been able to get rid of most of the breakouts, so it's really just quality of my skin and redmarks, you know? Like the skin on my face looks different from the skin elsewhere, like on my forearm (where its completely perfect)...because being clear is so so much more than no more breakouts

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Well, my skin cleared within 2 months of cutting out the processed foods and simple carbs. But that was after I had taken some supplements for about a year that made my skin less oily and my face mostly clear of any inflamed acne.

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