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why does acne affect people in different areas of the face?

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i was just wondering if there was an answer to this because i think its kinda funny how you can have a big patch of acne in one place and then the rest of your your skin is flawless,why does it effect certain areas.

for example my spots are on the sides of my chin and a cluster in between my eyebrows and the rest of my forhead and my cheeks/nose(central part of my face) is totally clear.

does this sound like hormonal acne? if so does anyone know what the best thing is for hormonal acne?

thanks! :D

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I don't know, but some people believe that it reflects the state of your body. Like, pimples on the forehead mean a stressed person, and acne on the jawline and chin could mean hormones. Sounds pretty interesting, but I'm not so sure of that. It's probably just to do with the fact that the amount of oil secretion is uneven across the face?

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it can also depend on how you sleep at night

if you sleep on your side you may have more acne on your cheeks.

it may also depend on your habits.

some people prop up their head with their hands sometimes and dont realize it and that can cause acne..

it all depends on your habits.. and also how you sleep.. or if you touch your face in certain areas all the time.. everyone is different.

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I don't believe in that cheek one. I sleep lying flat and I have acne on both sides of my cheek. Then again acne affects people differently. I use to have acne only on one side and then it migrated to both.

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I dont believe how you sleep thing. I sleep on my sides and my acne is mostly on my chin and jawline. I have small whitebumps that are not whiteheads that are on my cheeks and are very red. They are not regular pimples though. Acne on the chin and jawline is hormonal. I dont know about other areas though

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i think the sleeping affects the side of my face a little bit, i have a few spots under my sideburns but almost nowhere else on my face. in my past experience, the acne on the front of my chin was diet related, the acne on my forehead was from the oils from my hair, and never went away until both footbal season ended and I started to wear my hair off my forehead. i get some around the nose every so often, but i really dont know why

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I've been sleeping on my back for 2 weeks, and I was clearing up... then bam.

Right back to where I started.

I agree though. I have a quarter sized area on my cheek that is insane...

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Is there a known reason, or assumption on what might cause acne on the cheeks?

I don't think it could be the pillow as the cheeks don't really touch the pillow, the sides of my face do.

It's like the main part of the cheeks, say if you do a big smile the parts you could squeeze?

AFAIK nothing really comes into contact with this area?

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