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Maybe someone can help me understand this. I DONT want an argument going on here either. I have a serious question and I dont need people yelling at each other.

I used to have very oily skin, USED TO. I would wash my face apply my medications, go about my day and normally blot all day long to. It was always very shiny and greasy looking.

Now my skin is dry and is staying that way. I used a lot of products, BP, SA, MA, GA, prescriptions, etc. They normally always irritated my skin or dried it out, same with cleansers, I have not used a cleanser in the past year that hasnt irritated my face or left it feeling very taught and dry. So normally I would stop using whatever it was at that time and my face would be relieved.

Now for the past 6 months all I have been doing is splashing my face with water and using a heavy moisturizer, despite my acne breakouts....and yet my face is still dry. If I just splash it with water and then dont moisturize it will be very tight, flaky, irritated, etc.

I was hoping someone could help explain this? Is my skin permanently dry now? When people ask me what type of skin I have...do I say dry? Even though not too long ago it was more oily then I could handle?

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It's quite possible your skin just...changed. It can happen. I'm not saying that's a good thing, because I'd rather have oily skin than dry (I have both...greasy lookin skin with flakes because of Retin-A....sigh) any day...less painful.

You might want to see a dermatologist about it....there's always the possibility you developed some kind of eczema or dermatitis.

Have you tried switching moisturizers? I only say this because for example, contact dermatitis is sometimes a result of an allergy.

If you haven't already, try switching your product and see if you notice an improvement.

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Hmm no I never thought of this, but maybe i'll try that this week, I'll pick up something new.

I do get eczema on the back of my legs and once before I had it on my eyelids, which was horrible, but that could be a possibility also, maybe thats why my face is always so dry.

I agree about rather having oily skin, at least when my skin was oily I could laugh or smile and stretch my face without any pain or flakiness. Everyone always complains about oily skin, I used to also, but now it seems like oily skin is easier to deal with than dry skin.

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