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the bp i got smells gross!

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so i was putting on the bp right?

and i started to smell something weird.

its like sharp weird smell... i smelled my fingers. and its the bp!

what is it!?

is it bad?

i just got it two days ago !!!

D: oh snap...

and i KNOW i washed my hands before i applied it.

it smells nothing like the soap i used.

i even smelled the contents in the bottle.

has this happened to anyone?

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its dan kerns bp.

should i stop using it?

ah twenty bucks down the drain if i do stop.

It has a unique odor, but it's not a bad smell. If the expiration date is good (check the crimp) it should be fine to use. But, if you are doubtful you can return it for an exchange.

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:think: Is there anything you can compare the smell to?

eep.. uhm its like sharp i cant really explain it..

its kind of familiar.

i just cant wrap my min daround it.. xD

well all i want to know is if i should keep using it or not.

it doesnt smell like the the other two bottles i went through.

i think it mightve gone bad in the mailbox.

could it have?

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I've been noticing that every time I get a new tube it has a bit of a smell to it. This goes away after a few days of using it. Then every time you get a new tube you're like wtf?? but then you remember and it goes away. You should be fine.

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I just got my 16oz. BP treatment. I smelled the stuff, and it smells like the 4oz. stuff I bought before, so? Personally I think I smell a hint of Iodine, the medical antiseptics they wipe on you (the maroon colored antiseptic). Soooo in short, it smells like a hospital.

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