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Hi Everyone.

Just thought I'd post because I've been feeling a bit down recently. Remember a couple of weeks ago I was talking about how different lighting was making me paranoid about how I look? Well yesterday I was on my way out and I looked in a mirror I don't usually use and all I could think was my god you are so ugly. My makeup looked stupid, my skin looked crap, everything was just wrong. Recently I've been getting compliments about my skin but all I can think now is that they must have been being sarcastic.

I don't know, maybe it's pms, I feel like crying because of a stupid mirror!

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are u sure its not all in ur mind? sometimes i feel like its all im mine because like u i go through the same thing...sometimes i feel like acne has not only changed my appearance but also changed my perception about how i look...i feel ugly too..like even though my face has cleared up quite a bit..i dont know if its the left over scarring or the trauma from the hell i went through with the acne...sometimes i feel like i have that post acne dysmorphic disorder thing..idk.. :(

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Its not your fault but the lighting. Sometimes very bright lights especially those in the mall can make your skin look bad even if your skin is perfect. It just reflects everything off, sometimes making it look plastic. I noticed it because when I look into the mirror, my cheeks look really red so it sort of accentuates the blusher colour. Don't worry, the best to see is to see how you look under natural sunlight, that is the best.

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Thanks guys. I think I'm just being a bit hormonal and cranky. :cry:

I will try to be more upbeat tomorrow, I think when I'm at work I don't have time to worry about how I look (and the work mirror always gives a good reflection despite overhead lighting which just shows how screwy it all is)

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