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Zits under the skin

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Just a quick question. Occasionaly I will have a zit under my skin....and if I do nothing to it, it will "never" go away. Literally. They're very small, and they're not really whiteheads or anything, but like I said, if I don't pop it or anything, it will just stay there forever. I've tried every over the counter zit medication, I've used Proactiv for probably 9 years....nothing I put on it will make it go away. So eventually, I end up popping it. I've had one on my cheek for probably 3-4 months, and I finally got fed up with it earlier today. I don't want to scar my skin, but you know, after months and months it gets kind of annoying.

Have you guys found anything that can make these go away? Any kind of topical?

(BTW, not to sound like I only have one tiny zit at a time...NOT TRUE unfortunately).... but these particular kind just last on and on..... Usually when I get a pimple, it will go away after a week or so. These are different.



Karli :D

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I think that you have a similar problem to me. I have inflammed acne, whiteheads, blackheads and little bumps that never really surface and don't go red but just sit there under the surface for months. I get the removed when I get a facial and was told that they are "milia", here's an interesting article about them:


I started Isotrex (a topical retinoid) about 3 and a half weeks ago, and I'm hoping that'll help.

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Wow, that was a great article you attached! Thank you! That's exactly what I have....little white bumps here and there that will last forever if I don't do anything to them. The article had tons of suggestions of things to try. (I hadn't tried any of those things).

Thanks for taking the time to post that article. It was very helpful....and I'm definitely going to try some of the products mentioned!

~Karli :D

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I probably shouldnt be recommending this because Ive only been on it for two weeks and Im prone to getting frustrated after those two weeks and switch my products. Anyway, you might want to try Clenia cream. Its an emollient cream (prescription from a dermatologist only) and it might help with your milia.

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ok yessss this is exactly what i have. one ive had for LITERALLY two years. im not over exagerating. ive popped it a couple of times but it eventually fills in with pus i guess. its impossible to get rid of!!!!

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These sound like what I am dealing with too. I've always had hormonal acne here and there... and have complained for yrs about acne... I guess I never knew how bad it could be till NOW.. UGH!! They are EVERYWHERE... Mostly on my cheeks and temple area, clusters of em.. But I even have them on my forehead and REAAAAL bad on each side of my chin... Mine are poppable, and I have MAJOR picking problems, so that doesn't help.. Some pop - some don't.. but you don't know till you squeeze... it seems the un-poppable ones form into larger, nodule types..

I need to get control of this and FAST!!!

Thanks for the article!!

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Yeah, what you have are milia seeds. I have had this problem for more than a year now, and I even underwent CO2 laser twice just to removed those shits, but guess what? It came back months later and I am still pondering if I should underwent CO2 laser for the third time, and I can honestly tell you guys that topical products do nothing on milia seeds except more burning and peeling of skin.

P.S. Do not remove milia seeds on your own by using needles because most likely you end up having red sore scabby skin for weeks without even digging out the seeds. Trust me on that, I have been through this and it was a huge nightmare.

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