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I went out last night with some friends. We were sitting around a fire in the woods, and we got a 30 pack, i had about 6 beers. Is this bad?

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It will most likely not make you break out, but it could kill you!

You can seriously damage your liver! Some people on this site have recently said that they drank and their blood test came back to the derm and the derm took them off accutane, because they were in danger of damaging their liver.

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so, i'm on 3RD COURSE.

drinking about 2 times/week. (vacations, beach blablabla)


2nd course I did drinking vodka about 3-4 times per month.

all went well.

blood tests normal etc.

same this time

you can drink, but if AST e ALT are elevated just with isotretinoin, dont do it.

and, dont drink a lot, and with your meds.

just my opinion.


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I've been drinking the whole time I've been on the tane, not every day though. I think the main thing is moderation I drink about every 2 weeks and make sure not to drink the week of a blood test. My labs have all been normal with no spikes in liver enzymes at all. My derm even told me it was ok, just not to binge drink constantly

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