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what = Clearing/clear skin

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Hi all,

Just a post to inform you all of the success I've had clearing my skin using detoxing and small daily diet changes. As a 32yo male, I've been searching for an answer to clear skin for 20 years. I regarded my acne condition as mild to moderate before using diet/detox methods linked below, with persistent (3-10 pimples), around and below the mouth, with the occasional spot outside the stated area & oily-ish skin. I've used tane 3-4 times (cleared but came back every time) and have had success with BP, B5 and a few other "band aids" but felt that at my age I shouldn't need to rely on products to have clear skin (No one should!...into or beyond there early 20's). You're all heard it before...acne is a sign from the body that something is out of balance...it's true, at least for me and I'm sure about 90% of everyone else (The remaining 10% is hormonal...see your doctor ladies if you know this is the cause).

I've always considered my diet to be healthy and better than the "average" (but still acne free person) and didn't understand why I had acne and "joe" and "jane" "average" didn't. After reading & understanding the information on how incorrect diet from lack of raw foods and unnecessarily high protein /& difficult to digest carbohydrate intake can cause and increase the severity /& time one suffers with acne, I then apply & followed the information/guides given from the authors of books/websites/forums relating to clearing acne with diet & detoxing. I realised that having acne for as long as I have, that it may take some time to see noticeable results, but was surprised that after only 6-8 weeks I saw an improvement in my skin (less oil, only 1-2 small pimples a week). Over the past 4-6 weeks (2-3 months in total) my skin is showing signs of finally making acne, oil and bad skin tone/condition a thing of the past. Due to the small daily diet changes and once a week/forthnight detox's I've implemented, I've helped improve my body's balance, remove toxins from my body & skin, strengthen the body's ability to heal itself and clear my skin of acne (Only 1-2 very small (heals in 2-3 days) pimples per month now, which will continue to reduce/improve over the next few months until total clear skin is achieved.

I currently use no cleansers or acne products/medications and haven't for 6 months. I started following the below washing/rinsing regime 3 months before the diet/detox lifestyle, but didn't notice any real improvement until applying diet/detoxing. I believe that not using chemicals/ cleansers/ medications etc on the skin aids the diet changes/detoxing by allowing the skin to re-balance & learn to fight the acne infection naturally, without irritating & damaging the skin...(Hands up who would prefer to use/buy little to NO products on there skin???). I only splash water on my face in the morning and a gentle/quick baking soda wash/rinse in the evening (great for removing dead skin cells and leaving soft/smooth skin). Since starting the diet and detox's I didn't and still don't pick, squeeze, touch or stare in the mirror at pimples/my skin, which I believe is very important for letting the skin heal (quickly) and for mental health. Being a male, I shave and shave every 2-3 days.

Below are links containing all the information that I read and used to develop my own easy to follow program, that required minimal effort/changes to incorporate into my everyday life and has ultimately worked best for me. I decided not to provided my daily/weekly/monthly, diet & detox program, as I believe in order to have a program that best fits into your life, you need to do your own reading to understand what it is you're trying to achieve and then develop a program that you know you can successfully follow. The diet and detoxing information is the most important in these links. Remember to give your body time to detox, re-balance and heal...everyone is different = some will see improvements within a few weeks and others it may take longer (I say 3 months minimum is needed and then more for deeper and further healing/balancing). The links can contain quite a few pages of info and questions, just keep reading and skip the silly /& repeat questions.

a great program as is

the a -z of why we have and how to clear acne Sign up for the email program and if you can still get it, the free draft copy of his soon to be released e-book. Well researched, explained in easy to understand language and has detailed programs/guides to follow. Has a wonderful and quick support program.

What I have daily

Using water

Worth the read if you have the funds A good, but somewhat drawn out e-book explaining acne and how to clear it. FYI, the majority of information in this e-book is supplied in the above links. Only spend the money if you want to know more. I personally found the information and programs to be too strict & harder to follow in an everyday lifestyle, but do work! For me, the changes needed to feel like they fit perfectly and naturally into ur life...the author does given a 30-60 day no questions asked, cost of purchase refund with the e-book.

Not needed, but for those that what to know more...Also search liver flushing and one day to 5 day detoxing on the net and this forum.

Another detox/short term diet that is great...is the 3 day apple fast. I won't provide a link to this site, as once again it's a drawn out e-book that requires a purchase for information you already have free access too...see the first link...bullet point #2

Although I feel designing your own program is better for success, please feel free to ask any questions you have regarding this post...I just won't do all the work for you...the links have the answers!!!

All the Best


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Hey man, I sent you a pm!

Great post! So which of the links that you provided at the end of your post most closely resembles the acnenomore system?

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Great post, people need to read this.

Most people on this board need to find out why they are not able to eat their troublesome foods and fix the problem (detoxify the body, make some lifestyle changes), instead of avoiding all foods to the extreme.

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