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Is there anything that I can do about my "pin prick" scars? I have 4 on one cheek and 2 on the other. Do you think that needling could work for this type of scar? I can never get any info about this type of scarring. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Please respond as I am desperate for any opinions.

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Hi, Happygal,

I had about 7 huge holes in my face (pin-prick kind) that I had punchgrafts done about 5 years ago on. You can't really even tell they were holes. A couple are slightly redder than the rest of my skin which I guess will stay that way forever, but it used to be when I'd put make-up on, it would look like it sunk into these big holes in my face. No more, the punchgrafts worked great. I think they were around $150 each - really can't remember. The PS took a "cookie-cutter" punched out the hole and some surrounding (not much at all) then took skin grafts from behind my ear and placed into the "holes." He then put tan tape on each of them which I kept on for around a week. I then had some microdermabrasion on those areas about a week after that. You can't really even tell they were holes, they're about 100% filled in, most of them are 100%, some maybe 98% or so. I'd DEFINITELY do again. Good luck. Tarmik

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thanks for your reply tarmik, it was very informative. the only problem i have though is that the holes are really small. do you think punch grafts would still work if the holes are that small? or do you think i should just try needling or tca? thanks to everyone else who replied as well

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The holes actually were small, but large enough and deep enough that you could see them and make-up would get stuck in them. They probably weren't even 1/16" wide...punchgraphs are used for these kinds of scars. The "cookie cutter" instrument is very tiny, and the graph is very tiny. Tarmik

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I'm curious too. The TCA Cross article says 65% is barely enough and promotes 100% TCA but enough people here I trust have done well with 50% or less.

There has to be a good explanation? Is it that smaller icepicks don't need as high a concentration of TCA? Is the stronger treatment (65% or 100%) just appropriate for only really deep pits?

I think this is actually very important to resolve since nobody wants to stress their skin more than necessary. A few people have reported lasting erythema or lasting hyperpigmentation with the stronger concentrations. It's also more dangerous to non-scarred skin if a doctor or self-treater gets higher concentrations on healthy skin.

What kind of results for what size icepicks can people get with 50% TCA and lower?

That'd be great to establish if possible.

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"Along with TCA and it doesn't need to be the 100% TCA, 25% works great here"


are you saying you guys get improvement from just TCA 25% on icepick scarring? if so, how much improvement over how many treatments? i was always under the assumption that lower percentage TCA doesn't have an impact on deep dermal scars.

thanks again.

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