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Clindamycin lotion - what & when???

I currently use Duac in the morning and Retin-A at night, which has worked well for 6 months....until now :cry:

Breaking out again, so derm has prescribed clindamycin gel but without any instruction as to what to use when, or what to substitute it for. The bottle says apply twice daily, but if I do this morning and evening, when should I apply the Retin-A?? And should I stop using the Duac or the Retin-A??

I would ask my derm but he's impossible to get hold of, and my next apppointment isn't until March.......hoping someone here might be able to help......thanks xxx

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That's weird, Duac and clindamycin both contain the clindamycin antibiotic except Duac has extra ingredient which is benzoyl peroxide. I wonder why your derm prescribed clindamycin on its own. Maybe because the clindamycin gel has a higher concentration.

Since your derm gave you clindamycin gel, stop the duac and use clindamycin gel in the morning. For the night, continue the Retin-A. You can apply the clindamycin gel on top of the Retin-A if you want, its up to you.

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Hi Maddy thanks for the reply. I wondered that too, as he agreed that I must have built up resistance to the clindamycin in the Duac....so why give it to me in a different form?! I checked the concentrations and they're exactly the same, so the only difference is the missing bp.

This one is a roll-on liquid, and leaves my face feeling sticky for ages, and make-up slides off, so not sure how long I'll be putting up with it!

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