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Hey there...

Ok... I just typed acne on ebay and I found a product that everyone was raving about on the feedbacks!

I always had problem with acne (Ive tried so many things... in the past I used accutane and proactive but my acne never stopped completely).

Then... I got this product Clear & Smooth. Well... everyone there on ebay said that it was amazing and worked and the price was amazing too!

Well... ive been using for almost a week now and I can tell you that the remaining pimples I had are GONE and I havent got any more pimples since.

Maybe you will think I just work for this guy that sells the product or whatever LOL, but NO!

I was one of those people that thought that nothing would cure my acne... but then I found this product. Now what I have left on my face is just the marks from my past acne!

The great thing about this product is that its so cheap and they give you a huge bottle with a huge soap. So its worth trying.

I stopped any other acne medication (they recommend that) and together I got a microdermabrasion cloth with some other seller... but I dont think it makes a difference but I like the cloths too.

Anyway guys... I think you should try it. I was amazed that its so simple, cheap and worked.

they have lots of products... I got the Teen Acne Kick *ss Industrial Strength Treatment.

im blown away! its just amazing...

I cant believe I spent so much on proactive and this one works wonders for so much less and worked since day one.

I never thought that I would come online to say something like that about a product but I just had to share what I found.



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