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I've just gotten done taking Accutane and am really nervous about maintaining my clear skin. I really, really need help.


I have very dry skin. I'm 25, and my acne problem started a little over a year ago. I had always had some pimples/blackheads, etc. but it was manageable with topicals, etc. Suddenly last year I started getting A LOT of clogged pores on my cheeks. Some of them starting turning into inflamed spots, like a cyst, only they were never pussy or anything - they always had a 'plug' in them, like clogged pores do, but bigger. So I know the root of my acne was the clogged pores.

I'm all clear thanks to Accutane, but still get one or two clogged pores here and there. My skin is very fragile and dry from Accutane, and I did get a little bit ofshallow scarring, which is something I'm very upset about and also trying to do the best for my skin due to that.

So, here's what I need - a way to almost surely maintain clear pores, without making it even more horribly dry, and a great moisturizer that also, obviously, won't clog pores.

My current regimen:

1. Aveeno Ultra Calming Facewash/Dove Sensitive Skin (non-comedogenic) Facial Cleansing Cloths (for removing makeup) - I use one or the other depending on if I need to remove makeup

2. Retin-A Micro (sparingly since I'm so dry!) - my derm gave me this to help keep pores clean & help shallow scars/red marks

3. Cetaphil Moisturizer - I just started this, but I've heard now that this clogs pores, so I want to switch! I had been using Clean & Clear Advantage Oil Free Moisturizer, and it was great but as winter has come on it is not moisturizing enough. WHAT'S THE BEST NON-COMEDOGENIC MOISTURIZER???

I really, really want to maintain my skin, and from all the reading on here about keeping clogged pores at bay (I read most of Lion Queen's thread) I know a lot of people use BHA's and a retinol, plus Glycolic wash, etc. I think all of that would be WAY to drying for me right now Post-Tane, plus, most of these people are treating existing clogs, etc., while I'm just trying to maintain.

Any suggestions? Would the Retin-A Micro & a good moisturizer be enough? Maybe I should use a moisturizer with AHA or something??

Sorry this is sooo long but I'm DESPERATE to keep my skin clear....!!!! Please, please, please help!

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Hey there, I was on Retin-a micro for quite some time and It really made my face red and peely. I would use it sparingly if you are fragile and dry from the tane. You said that you read Lionqueens post, which one? She likes the mandelic acid and that is what I have been using lately. It is easier on my skin than what I was using before(Neutrogena Pore Refining Cleanser). have you considered using nothing? I know that sounds weird but sometimes I think it might be the best thing if the tane did its job.

I am considering tane but don't know for sure yet.

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