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Will my face be clear by my wedding day?

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My wedding is on May 9, 2009--that's 1 year, 3 months, and 23 days.

Currently I am on DKR and my acne is controlled a lot more, but I'll still get 3-4 new pimples every so often. Once I feel like the zits are finally going to go away, another one pops up!! It's driving me nuts! I've been to dermatologists for years, but all they do is prescribe different antibiotics (I'm not comfortable taking) and Differin (also not comfortable using). I don't see a point of going in to see dermatologists anymore...but is there a way I could treat my skin and for sure have nearly clear skin on my Wedding day?

My acne is moderate...I have a lot of red marks on my cheeks and chin....there's also one on the side of my nose that's going to take years to go away.

I'm really worried that my red marks won't be gone by my big day. It's supposed to be one of the best days of my life, but I don't want to have to worry about stupid acne and whether or not it'll show. To tell the truth, I'm quite terrified that I'll wake up a month before my wedding and find that every inch of my skin is covered in acne (I know it's unlikely...but still).

Should I just stick it out with DKR and see if my acne eventually clears up or should I take a bigger action?

I'm really in an emotional slump right now. >.<


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I suggest to keep going with DKR, and work up to the full amount of BP twice a day if possible. If you're already seeing improvement, that's a good sign. In 3-4 more months your skin will probably be even clearer. Redness usually goes down significantly in that time also. The first few months are the hardest.

There's a very good chance that in a year the red marks will have faded significantly, and mostly be gone. You might look into a moisturizer with an AHA, to help even out your skin tone.

Makeup will always help too. A few pimples & red marks under makeup will hardly be noticeable at all and won't show in photos. I'm sure you'll be a gorgeous bride! :)

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Hey, have you thought of accutane. I've suffered with acne for A LONG time (years) and I have taken accutane for four months and have seen a dramatic difference. If it is bothering you that bad, check into it. I have had VERY FEW side effects and would easily do it over again if necessary. It is a STRONG drug, but I think it was worth it so far. Just wanted to give you more options. If you have any questions feel free to ask. I too went to several derms over the years and nothing seemed to clear me up the way I wanted. Don't wait till acne scars your face...I will forever have scars I think but atleast it is under control now.

Good luck finding something that works.

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Red marks takes a while to go away.

Just gotta be patient. , but a year is long !! just try ur besttttttttt and eat lots of veggies

try to avoid junks ^^

some foods gives you acne , try to avoid it.

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honey...you have a finance that loves you for who you are. Don't worry about acne! Your not afraid of your acne your just a little insecure. Just be happy, lift your head up high. A good exercise is to just dress stupid, pull your hiar back so your whole face is showing, drive to some random place where noone knows you and just walk around with your head held high forgetting everything that's bothering you and just be happy!

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Hai Sakura. I posted the same topic as you did on August 2007, and my wedding was in September 2007. So you see you are very lucky you still have time before your wedding. I started having acne around 3 years ago, and it is my wish to have a magical wedding day just like yours now. But sometimes you have to be realistic, for me my acne is unpredictable, they come and go whenever they want. And very unfortunate for me about 2 months before my wedding my acne started acting up, I think it was because of all the stress because of the wedding preparation.

I had been on and of Retin A for years, so my derm once again prescribe me Retin A, but ofcourse like usual my skin become red, flaking, and i had initial breakout (Retin A does this to me whenever i started using it again after stopping for some period of time). And I know if keep using Retin A, in my wedding day my skin will be flaking and peeling and it will be impossible to put makeup on properly. So, finally out of desperation I stop using product and just use water and facial wash from my derm. But everytime I get this really huge red zit I will get a cortisone shot.

Finally, the big day arrived. Obviously my skin was not perfect, it has some scars, red marks, and even some active acne. But the texture overall was quite nice, cause my skin have stopped peeling and i stopped myself from picking (my worst habbit). So, with makeup, i think i look decent *some people even comment i look very beautiful :dance: *

So, I just want to give you support cause I know what you're going through. Just be realistic, and remember that if you are happy it will show through your face, and I bet you will be the most beautiful woman in your wedding. For product, I recommend you stick with the regiment that are working for you, I wouldn't recommend you to try anything new, cause there is always a risk your skin won't like it, and who knows how long it takes to recover.

Best of luck on your wedding, and most importantly on your marriage.

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I've been on the DKR for almost 5 months and I have to say the biggest improvements I've seen are the last month or so. The only things that's help me get rid of red marks is using Aloe vera gel everyday with moisturizer. The aloe can be drying but it works wonders. Also unless you have very sensitive skin, you can get away with some good exfoliation 2 times a week instead of one. But only if you don't have sensitive skin. What I use is about a level tablespoon of honey with a level teaspoon of baking soda and work that around on a wet face after washing. The honey will feel weird but, as soon as warm water hits it, it dissolves.

Those are my best suggestions for your skin. For the rest, practice your makeup before the day you're getting married. Practice looking in the mirror and taking pictures of yourself at every angle in every kind of light. That way you know what you look like and then work to cover up what you don't enjoy. Since you have so much time you could even take a course on doing makeup. That might help. Otherwise relax and look forward to shoving a piece of wedding cake in your mans face. You could always do the same for yourself for a guaranteed way to cover zits, haha. (I'm thinking of Robin Williams in Mrs. Doubtfire with the cake scene)

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you have plenty of time to clear up!! i've done the dkr twice now. the first time i quit because, even though i was clear, the bp seemed too harsh for me. what i didn't realize was that i have dry skin, and the products i was using were just wreaking havoc on my skin. i'm now 6 months into the dkr with dry-skin oriented products and am completely clear. my best advice is to use a very mild non-drying cleanser and a good moiturizer. don't add any additional variables (including exfoliating) until you're completely clear. it could irritate your skin and cause you to break out.

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I agree with the other person who recommended Accutane. I started mid-October and ever since around mid-November (it only really took me a month) I started clearing up QUICK. I think I have only had one pimple a month since (and we are now in Janurary!) --and those pimples only last a few days, nothing more than a week.

Very minimal side effects. Dry lips and some dry skin on my arms (which can be dealt with moisturizer every day) and that is it. It has done awesome for me so far and I started out with mild-to-moderate persistent acne. Seriously, I never thought I would see or feel the day I did NOT have to worry about a new breakout.

If you have insurance to cover it, AWESOME. It's worth it, in my opinion.

I started Dan's deal and..I guess it just did not work for me. All the BP did was make my skin dry and itchy and red--even with moisturizer. The point is, maybe Accutane will not work for you, maybe it will. I had to make the same decision. Will this work for me? Or will it ruin me? So far, I have been the happiest I have ever been. I'd love for you to be happy on your Wedding Day. So, do what you feel is right.

If you start now on a six-month course, you can have your body and face heal from any common side effects you might experience (dry lips or skin) in time for your wedding and the drug is supposed to stay in you for a year and then most people often stay in remission, or you have to go back for another one. If I have to go back, I definitely would at this point--although I don't see that happening right now.

WHEW. That was a lot. If you have any questions please let me know! I hope the best for your future and I will keep my fingers crossed for your Wedding Day! Woohoo! Good luck,


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General rule of thumb is that if over the counter products are not controlling your acne after 12 weeks or so, then you need to see a dermatologist. Accutane is a last resort treatment, there are many other, much SAFER, treatments to consider first. A derm would be able to advise you on what would be best for you. Good luck.

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