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not sure where 2 post this hickie question

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ok i was wondering if there is a way 2 get rid of a hickie fast? my girl friend gave me a hickie right on my neck(she said she was claiming her territory lol) its huge like 3 quarters put together.

i just dont really feel like walken around with this huge red think on my neck lol

anyone got any ideas?


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...dude, hickies are nothing to hide, brotha! Anybody ask, you be like \"Yo, shizzog, I got this offa mah girl, you dig? If ya ass don't, I bust a cap\"

(Excuse the ghettoness)

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Ahem, in plain english, I'm saying, you can't really speed the process of them going away...

Also, I'm saying it's not really a big deal, I think you people are a little to paranoid. And what's the deal with the under sixteen thing...?

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i never really got much out of the spoon method. the only semi-effective method for lessening hickies i've found is taking a cap of some sort, like a lipstick or chapstick cap, and twisting it for a couple of minutes. i've also tried it with a plastic soda cap or water bottle or whatever -- do that at your own risk, it hurts like a bitch, way worse than a chapstick cap because they're often ridged and have little nasty bits of plastic. a magic marker cap might work too. press the cap over the hickey and twist it around and around without letting up on the pressure for a minute or two. it will hurt, and it will leave you redder and a big cap-sized indentation on your skin, but that will go away (ice it if it's really bad) and it'll generally "pull" some of the hickey out of your skin (but not all!). it's a pressure/vacuum thing as far as i can tell. obviously if your hickey is too big for the size of your cap, just use the cap over several sections.

the last step is to train whoever gave you the hickey never to do it again. i find the best way to do this is: "you're cut off."

good luck, let us know if it works.

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