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ANY thing but BP

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is there anything but BP, one can use to get rid of acne, i have mild acne. i get smalll pimples with white cores...the regimen was working well except it left my skin in bad texture and dull complexion, is there anything natural or non-chemical that will work...

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I read about a study where this guy compared topical green tea cream (4%) with BP (5%) and the green tea was just as effective.... with out the bad side effects, dry, itchy skin etc... I have mild (but persistent) acne as well and I've been using green tea for a couple of weeks now... I drink several glasses a day and save the tea bags in the fridge and then after I wash my face morning and night I rub a tea bag all over my face and let air dry... it tightens my face up and I have to use moisturizer but it seems to be working... I've always had too sensitive skin for BP, but the green tea is awesome... my acne hasn't completely gone away, but it's less red and no new pimples... I should also say I've been doing a honey mask every 1-2 days and my face glows afterward.. my problem is everytime my skin starts to look great I go and screw it up by wearing foundation for a day... and I don't care what anyone says, no matter WHICH type of make up I use, I always break out...

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