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hey, so about 1 month ago, i had several warts (one REALLY big one) in a small cluster on the left side of my forehead removed via curettage (cutting the warts off with a scalpel). i know this forum is supposed to deal more with acne scarring, but my scar (or still healing cut) looks like it was caused by something similar to acne. the surgery for my warts healed fairly well and there was only a small pinkish mark that remained after about 1 month. i thought that it seemed like it healed enough so i decided to go to jujitsu/wrestling practice today. HOWEVER, when i got home and looked in the mirror, i saw that it was MUCH redder than it was before :wall::doh: . it's kind of strange because i can't really feel much of burning/sore feeling on the scar, even when i touch it. also, it's a little bit more raised than usual. does anyone know what happened (did it get bruised/slightly scraped) and how long do you think it would take before the color goes back to it's pinkish state? also, what can i put on to help make the discoloring and the slight swelling go down?? any comments/help would be GREATLY appreciated. thanks! :D

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Exercise or any form of increase in blood flow/flustering can cause the redness to get worse. It is only temporary and should go back to what it was. My acne scars get really red after I exercise. They lighten in a few hours or by the next day.

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