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Renova vs. Retin-A Micro Question

Hi -

My derm. gave me several retinoid samples. My skin is relatively clear thanks to Yasmin, Spiro and Cool Touch laser ... but I still have clogged pores and a pimple every now and then. I want to start a retinoid for maintenance purposes. I'm not in a hurry or anything so my main goal is to start simple/mild and then work up my skins tolerance. That being said ... I've decided to use Renova 0.02% for a month or two, then ease my way into RAM 0.04%.

Does that sound like a good idea? I'm only 20 and wrinkles aren't really a concern for me, and it seems like Renova is marketed solely for anti-aging purposes ... but it seems like a good way for me to introduce my skin to a retinoid.

I'd appreciate any insight or comments. My derm also gave me some tazorac samples ...

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Where I live, the most widespread brand of tretinoin is Renova. I've never used it (I've used Retin-A Micro), but from what my friends tell me, Renova supposedly has some kind of emollient or lotion-like cream mixed into it in order to ease the irritation that a lot of people experience from tretinoin.

From what I always hear, Renova is less irritating than Retin-A Micro (and actually people use Renova for acne too).

Tazorac is really good at delivering results, but so many people experience irritation from it. Basically, with Tazorac, if your skin can handle it, it's a great drug. But if you do end up using Tazorac (or any retinoid for that matter), you should always be very careful in observing how your skin reacts (i.e. if you experiencing long-term flushing and redness that doesn't go away after a couple months, you should let your dermatologist know about it).

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