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Do all Acne, pimple, zits leave red marks afterwards?

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I don't know, but it seems that every time i breakout, they all leave red marks, and makes my face look like I have alot of acne but they are actually all red marks, I hate them because they are so dark and big and you have no idea how bad mine are, its like big blotchy and LITERALLY makes it look like I still have the pimple or a zit, how can i stop newer pimples that is on my face leaving red marks?

Right now I am using ACV and BP to clear out my pimples, it is working well except its always leaving a red mark behind, I am kinda pissed about it and knowing the fact that red marks doesn't fade for a while.

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Hi. I was on the same boat you are on about a year ago. At bed time I would apply Zincofax 40% cream to my post acneic red marks...I would spot apply the cream to the red marks after washing up and would make sure to place a towel on my pillow case when going to bed. This cream is a thicker consistency, therefore I didnt want to get the pillowcases dirty. This is the same cream that mothers apply to their babies bottoms to treat diaper rash. In a weeks time all my red marks were gone...and I had like 20 of them on my face at the time.


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this is my situation at the moment ... no active spots but redmarks leftover from the spots that were previously there!

I have started using Salicylic acid in the hope that it will exfoiliate the area and thus make the redmarks fade away. Apparently SA is more exfoiliating than BP so thats why im giving it a go.

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