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dryness,pain,and questions

Ight im new here, ive been on accutane since December 23 2007 and by the second week my acne is almost compleatley gone or no sighns of breakouts. I take one 40mg on even day and take one 40mg in the mornig and another 40mg at night on odd days which was prescribed by my dermatlogist.

Since taking accutane i have had non stop drness and skin peeling and chaped lips. I was wondering if any of you would suggest anything that might help my dryness and where i can get it. I am also getting lower back pain and i was reading somwhere that it could be the kidneys being dehydrated or somthing, could accutane cause my kidneys to dehydate leading to back pain? or is it a normal side affect, im drinkin hella water and it helps. Also my dad is skeptical about this drug and he thinks that my liver or kidney could fail if i dont drink at least 2 liters a day while taking this drug, i know you guys are not doctors and im sorry about the questions i know one of you might say that i need to search but i dont have time for that sorry, and your input is valueable to me thanks.

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Yeah accutane is a real biarch with the dry skin etc. Use vaseline or carmex on your lips, and a basic moisturiser on your face at least twice a day (i use sorbolene cream and that seems to work well plus its cheap!).

Drinking plenty of water is essential when youre on accutane. Your dr should do regular blood tests to make sure your liver isnt dying, kidneys dont tend to be as badly affected as livers can be.

The more water you drink the better :) but dont over do it!

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