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How many courses of accutane are safe, and low dosage question.

Over about 5 years, I've done 3 regular courses of accutane and then one that was about 40mg a day. My skin was great while taking it and for a few months after but the acne always comes back although not as bad as it originaly was.

It's not realy that bad but I'm 28 and feel way to old to have acne. I can stand a pimple or two now and then, but my face is never realy clear.

Taking accutane a low dosages sounds like it'd be pretty safe and I think that 2 20mg pills a week would probably keep my acne under control, but I don't want to do any damage at all to my body by taking this stuff if it's going to hurt me. I don't mind any temporary side affects but I don't want to have problems with internal organs or anything else when I'm older.

Right now I've been on Solodyn and Finacea for 3 months, and just started using Plexion cleansing cloths. I've tried everything else that's out there before.

What do you think about low dosage programs? How many courses of accutane are safe?

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Chances are accutane will not cure you if you have done more than 2 course and it is unwise to do more than 3 courses, especially in such a short time frame.

Are you male or female? if youre female it may be worth looking at your hormone levels. I dont think the same problem with hormones exists for males....but i could be mistaken.

2 x 20mg tabs a week would probably be safe, but you would need to monitor your liver-that is have blood taken on a regular basis to make sure your liver enzymes were still working well :)

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Is a Derm. going to treat you? Some Derm's will prescribe low dose Tane like you are describing. However, you need to find them! I wouldn't take Tane without being monitored - how would you know if it's messing up your liver or triglycerides?

I'm on low dose Tane and ending soon. Been on 8 1/2 months so far. It's been great and I hope the results last too. I used to take Mino (Soldyn) and Finacea also. Those two work really good. For me, if it comes back slightly, I'm cool with that.

Good luck.


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IMO i think its impossible to predict whether you will be safe or not because everybody reacts differently to the medication. I was only on accutane for 2 months (20-30mg), still clear after 11 months, but still experience hair loss. But generally low dosage is a safe bet.

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