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Accutane is Excellent


About one year ago (18 then) i had severe acne, tried everything as you probably have and nothing worked. Paid what seemed like my life savings on accutane but it was well worth it.

Everyone on this site knows what a debilitating disorder acne can be but accutane for me was the cure. The IB was awful and after a month was worse than every but took photos each week (strongly recommend this - not only is a good motivator but you'll look back someday and see the progress) and after the first 2 months was definitly improving . I only had a four month course on 60mg but together with the two months afterwards to continue healing i went on holiday that summer and knowone would of known i ever had it so bad. Other than the redness which we all know will take a while, my skin had completely recovered and i'm not one of these people who 'claimed' to have bad skin when really it is perfect compared to the real severe acne sufferers - i was no model! I've read a few posts on here saying all the negatives and although i would advise anyone going on the drug to be careful and really adjust your lifestyle i.e routine cleansing, drink more water each day etc, accutane does work in my experience.

Give it a couple of months and do the photos to see the change. As difficult as it is, embrace the IB! It's a sign thats in your system and think of it as the last time your going to be dealing with these types of breakouts.

With my derm i wanted the highest possible doseage and although the side effects are supposedly worse, the benefits will come quicker (but don't take all of it at once, i'm told it won't work this way!). Accutane is expensive and the first couple of months last a lifetime, but looking back at the before/after photos i wouldn't change a thing, i feel more confident and able to enjoy life without constantly worrying about my appearance, even though it has become a habit.

A few tips i would offer new tane users would be

1.)always moisturise after washing (twice a day) I used Eucerin, again expensive but effective.

2.) With alcohol everyone on the site says try to abstain but i can't do that im a teenager! But i must admit being on accutane makes your hangover ten times worse as your so dehydrated. So limit your alcohol intake and drink couple of pints of water before bed.

3.) Dont do weights - i found the hard way. I felt like a pensioner after a couple of days my joints were so stiff. Would probably have done permanent damage had i continued so do without that.

4.) Loads of posts about depression with this drug - Why would anyone be depressed about dealing with the one thing that they hate?! Again, do the photos, i promise you won't be depressed in a few months.

I could write loads more but if your on or thinking of going on this drug i'm sure you've read about it already.

What i will say is everyone has different experiences so don't take my word for it but on the same argument don't just listen to the negative reviews. For me it has worked and if your persistent and most of all patient, i'm confident accutane will succeed where every other 'over-the-counter' product didn't!

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Hi there -

Yeah, Accutane is amazing. I"m just finishing my course. Glad all worked out good for you too.

Keep in touch.


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