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So I have had acne since I was about twelve. It was very mild until I hit about sixteen and it suddenly got a lot worse. So bad that anything I tried, just didnt work. Finally I went to the derm and he gave me Bactrim. He also gave me Tazorac and Evoclin. I put them on religously every day for months and by the time the summer came around, my acne was at least 85% cleared up. Of course the sun, chlorine and salt water I was in helped too. Once summer was over though, my acne has come back. I still take my Bactrim at least once a day and I still use the Tazorac maybe 4-5 times a week. I realized the Evoclin didnt do much so thats why I stopped using it. Lately I have been using sea salt mixed with some Cetaphil, and that actually worked for a couple weeks, but it seems like its not working as much anymore.

So my question is, am I doing something wrong? It seems like my body has started to become immune to the Bactrim or something. Should I go to the derm and asked for a low dose of Accutane? My ance is definitely mild, moderate at worse. But its very recurring and just when I start to clear something up, something else comes up. Its also all VERY red, when I put some green moisturizer on it, it looks a lot better most of the time. I need some advice on if I need to change something in my routine, or if I need to go back to the dermatologist now.

Also, I got my acne from my dad, who told me his acne went away when he turned seventeen. I turned seventeen about 7 months ago and my acne doesnt seem like its going anywhere.

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