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Hey everyone. Welcome to my log! My name is Adam. Im 18 and Ive been struggling with mild persistent acne since i was about 15 (3 years) My skin is oily and im sure like everyone else...i have used EVERYTHING to treat my acne, to no avail...its been a constant battle that im pretty sure im losing. lol. UNTIL NOW!

Anyways, i went to my derm fed up of being put on different topicals and antibiotics. i was on tazorac, and hes like "well its a little harsh in the winter, so im gonna put you on differin" BUTTTTT i had something else in mind. I gave him the idea of low dose accutane, just to be shot down and told that he doesnt "believe" in low dose accutane!!! WTF?!?! But then he said it would be an option for me to go on a regular course of it...and i just want this acne gone soooo here i am! I was really surprised though... i mean i thought he would laugh in my FACE because my acne isnt what you would call even moderate, i just have really oily skin and a few spots that are persistent. This was my current regimine that has kept me SEMI- clear.

Morning- Wash with Alpha Hydrox Foaming Facewash

Apply Alpha Hydrox Enhanced Cream (glycolic acid)

Evening- Same but put Dans BP on forehead and chin.

Now this like i said has kept me SEMI-clear, but it really irritates my skin and makes it red. Also i just couldnt get rid of the OIL problem. I pretty much use oil blotters all the time and they have no lasting effect.

One more little detail... I have insurance but its new and i have a $1000 deductible that has to be met before they start paying for my meds....SO that means im paying for EVERYTHING out of pocket for the first 3 months!!! AH! Thats like $400/month just for the sotret!!! Then another $120 for appointments and bloodwork!!! Anyways my parents are making me pay half. so im not gonna have much money for a while, but its SOOO gonna be worth it!!!

Anyways, my derm put me on 30mg, twice a day. I will also be taking Vitamin E twice a day, and drinking lots and lots of WATER!!! Ill try to post some pics pretty soon...til then TUNE IN NEXT TIME!!! (probably tomorrow LOL!)

P.S. Ill be taking my FIRST PILL in a couple of hours...SO WISH ME LUCK!!! :dance:

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Well so far no side effects...just oilier skin, and 1 new bump on my face. The few i had that were going away before i started are becoming kind of inflamed. UGH! Hoping for dry skin soon...

Support would be greatly appreciated!!

Any recommendations on a SPF moisturizer that will reduce redness and not leave skin greasy while on accutane?????

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Day 3

Well not much new to report...my skin is as oily as ever. Old bumps are still red from the 'tane. No side effects to report yet. Im REALLY dreading tomorrow though. Tonight im going to workout with some friends and its leg day so that means HEAVY SQUATS! Just worried about my legs and back hurting and how 'tane will effect them...Guess i will find out tomorrow. DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNNN!!! I really dont want this to effect how my body heals because working out is almost an everyday thing for me...


Leave me some love.........

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Well...just got back from my workout. Decided to do my back instead and rest my legs this week...just because i dont feel like not being able to walk at work tomorrow. lol. But so far i havent had any unusual pains other than being sore from other workouts earlier in the week, which is normal. One thing is...my skin is MUCH more oily than it was before i started accutane. I guess my skin is just purging...it is only the end of day 3. Im really hoping for dry skin by like day 10. :pray:

We shall see how sore my back is tomorrow...IM SCARED!! lol :shifty:

By the way im also taking Vitamin E (800 IU) and drinking about a gallon or more of water a day. Also gonna start taking fish oil, or flax, as it helps with joints...

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Day 4/ Day 5

Nothing all that new...skin still as oily as ever...maybe one new spot on my face. My face is kinda red. i just bought some Eucerin Redness Releif Cleanser and moisturizer. Hope it works well. I guess ill try it out for the first time tonight. I hate oil...cant wait for it to be gonnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeeee!


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Hey dude, just passing by to tell you good luck and I hope its work for you. Im also going to be 18 on the 24th of january and going to get a prescripton of accutane for also my mild persistant acne on the 7th of febuary so Im really hoping its going to work for you so it will give me something to be exited about. Anyways keep us updated!

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Today was ACTUALLY DAY 5 I dont count the first day because i took my first pill at night...

Anyways, my skin is still oily, but a little less. And guess what?!? My lips are dry! WOO HOO! First side effect! Thats about the only side effect i have had so far. As for my skin...got a new very small visitor on my left cheek and a few TINY ones on my chin...but they are very small and i dont think they will be staying very long... still have about 4 other spots healing up...but not active. Overall i have already noticed my skin feeling smoother, and today i noticed my pores look smaller!! i never really had big pores to begin with, but now they are almost invisible! YEEYUH!

I also got Eucerin Redness Relief Cleanser, and moisturizer and they seem to be working GREAT on the redness! $15 for a small bottle of moisturizer...YEAH IT BETTER BE WORKING! Haha.


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Day 6

Skin still oily...a little less. Lips are chapped, and i think i am going through the IB, but its not too bad. just a couple small spots. Other spots are taking much longer to heal...Maybe my skin just looks oily because of my moisturizer??? i dont moisturize at night yet, and it doesnt look oily in the morning...hmmm... :think:

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yo man, keep posting, i'm in the same position as u. I'm 18 and only have mild but persistent acne. The derm suggested 60mg dosage and I go this saturday to get my first bloodwork done. I'm still hesistant tho, update ur status i'm curious if going thru accutane and drying out my oily blackhead prone skin is worth the possible sideeffects

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Day 11

Wow time has been flying by...right now i guess im going through the dreaded IB. lol. its not that bad...a have about 3 times as many spots on my face now, then before i started, but they are all small and i think will be gone very quickly. Im still staying positive! HOWEVER, i do have some really GOOD news! When i first started taking 'tane my skin was TWICE as oily as it has ever been! It was gross!!! It was purging i guess. I was using oil blotting sheets, about 2 of them every few hours ALL DAY! I was wondering if it was ever gonna be over! Well well well...then i woke up on Day 7 and BAM! DRY SKIN! woo hoo!! Now, even after being at work all day, at the end of the day, i cant even fill ONE sheet with oil!!! its amazing!

Well with all that said, my only side effects right now have been dry lips, and thats about it. I have been drinking a lot of water and taking vitamin E, biotin, and zinc as well. My hair feels really soft i guess because it has like no oil in it now. Also, good news...i have been working out just like normal (lifting heavy weights) and my joints are fine, and im not any more sore than i was before i started 'tane.

I just hope this IB is over soon!!! HERES TO CLEAR SKIN! :D

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yeah dude, idk if i got my 70mg med today and Idk if i should start using it now, because i go back to college on tuesday or if I should wait until next week to start, so I can get some partying out this coming weekend.

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my skin was soo oily before, but now it's drying up. i get little dry patches on my chin that are fine after i moisturize but a few hours later dry up and flake really bad. :[ it's pretty gross, in my opinion. but like you said, it's allll worth it if i can finally have clear skin! i think i'm going through my IB too as i have two big cysts on my chin (although they are finally starting to go away!) and an annoying little one on my lip.

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DAY 21?

HAHA i forgot what day it was but man! its been flying by. My initial breakout sucked! (for me i guess, others prob wouldn't have thought much of it) Anyways, im enjoying the non-oily skin. it totally rocks. As for my IB, its still kinda goin i guess, i mean it was bad about a week ago, but all of those spots are now fading fast. i only have about 4 actives right now, but they arent too bad, and i think will be gone soon! its so awesome not having to use BP or glycolic acid every night. if i was to do this, and not be on accutane, yea lets just say it would not be pretty. Anyways, ever since the BEGINNING of my treatment my forehead has been CLEAR! (even when my skin was purging.) but now i have one bump inbetween my eyebrows, but it isnt bad. My skin has been more red lately though...guess im getting the infamous "tane burn". ugh.

As for a list of my side effects--

-Dry skin, lips, nose---AQUOPHER is awesome for lips!!

-Somewhat red cheeks. Eucerin Redness Relief Moisturizer is pretty good for that.

-Hair much more brittle, havent noticed losing any, but is def. not as thick as it was. Im using a conditioning mask on it once every few nights, and taking a b complex, and biotin supps.

-Back pain sometimes, mostly just after work or a workout.

-Feeling a little more tired, but nothing caffine cant cure! :D

So, nothing too serious, as you can tell. Just some standard tane side effects...

Comments and feedback would be much appreciated!!! Thanks!! ;)

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