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TCA cross

I too was interested in self treatment with TCA Cross but was very concerned about the quality and strength of the solutions sold online. Some of the packaged Cross treatments come with a neutralizer. Since TCA is self-neutralizing, it leads me to believe that the Cross solutions most likely include other acids.

The Korean study stated that the best results were on the patients that were treated with unbuffered 100% TCA solution (the products online are buffered). Because this is such a STRONG acid, I seriously doubt that "100% TCA Cross" sold online is as advertized, because of liability.

Since it has been reported that the greatest improvement is on scars which had not previously been treated, it is imperative that I use a solution of unquestionable quality. For this reason, I ordered the TCA crystals from Science Labs (recommended by Scarface) along with the appropiate measuring devices. The TCA arrived today but I am still waiting for the beakers and storage containers. I plan on cutting the 100% solutions down to several different strengths for weaker Crosses and peels.

I am going to test a couple of inconspicuous scars before the first "big" treatment. After I see how my skin reacts to the solution, I will post my findings.

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CORRECTION - I need to give credit where credit is due. The source of the information of where to order the TCA Crystals was sanjoseskin not scarface.


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