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Taking a multivitamin on 60 mg?

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I know that everyone says not to take a multivitamin (or anything with Vit A) while on accutane. I am on 60 mg right now and in month 2. I honestly don't have any real side effects other than dry lips & flushing...and I am just now getting over the awful IB! Would it be bad to start taking the multivitamin again given that I haven't had any bad side effects other than the above?? Could that mean that I need to increase my dosage? (I weigh 110 lbs).

THANKS!!! :confused:

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Any multivitamin without vit a will be fine :) spirulina works well for alot of people and it has naturally occuring vit a which is broken down differently to synthetic vit a (i think thats how it works...could be the other way around).

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You can take vitamins but not Vitamin A. Ones my Derm. recommended is calcium (Tane messes with your bones) and biotin and vitamin E (for hair and nails - Tane makes them weak and very dry). Also, pro-biotic to help with your immune/digestive system. Lastly, no, don't go higher than 60mg. Your Derm. started you on the high-end of dosing, already at 1mg per KG. Normally, Derm's start you lower (at .5mg per KG for the first month or two) and then gradually build you up to 1mg per KG. Flushing this early may not be a good sign - becareful. Too high a dose for your skin/body can cause permanent flushing, or Rosacea. Read up on here and on the Net. Higher doses of Tane causes more side effects, some serious. So, be patient and watchful. Not being too dry or having a lot of side effects is a good thing!!

Take care and let Tane do it's stuff.


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