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the cleanser i use at the moment is also an exfoliator... it has ground almonds in it to be more specific... is this actually a good idea to use every day, or does it irritate skin?? I think Im gonna stop using it and start using a more gentle one soon. any thoughts??

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It would be best to use it every other day, and even more precise, to substitute with a calmer exfoliator. One that doesn't contain large particles in an unevened shape...

I personally use St. Ives, but only every three days gently...

It can irritate skin, and if pressed hard enough, can *supposedly* leave minor cuts in the skin.

Try replacing it with a non-irritating cleanser, and throw the exfoliator in every few days if you feel the need to. :)

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i use an oil based cleanser, as using that helps seal the moisture in the skin rather than stripping it.

on the topic of exfoliating cleansers, some can be ok, and some can be bad. The ones with micro-exfoliatores can be ok, where as the ones with large bead type things are generally unwise.

to be honest, you shouldnt need an exfoliating cleanser. Just keep your normal cleanser a "non-drying/stripping" one and try and make it oil based (not bad oils tho, check my sig for my cleanser) and moisturise regulary and you shiuld be fine :)

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