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Minocycline users

i've been on minocycline for a little over 5 weeks. just curious to what others on the drug are noticing? side effects? their skin?

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Yeh ive been on for 5 weeks aswell the first week i noticed a weird yellow ring around my ips but that went away.

seems that the acne inflamtion is going away but im still getin pimples. I have no idea how antibiotics can kill the acne bacteria if there on the skin its not asif acne is made in our body (or is it) hmmm.

in my opinion the minomyvine tablets are all fake its just plastic they do it to see the pshycoligcal affect of human healing. Popelw ho respond well will beleive the anitbiotics is working and positive thoughts will Kabbomm heal them but the people who are realistic are gona end up on Tane.

newaiz i hope this lil orange tablet im taking works cause im geting sick of having red marks coming from pimples.

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not to be rude, Rumalz, but have you ever heard of placebo effect? that is what youre talking about, and i believe all or most medications are tested by using a pool of patients that are given a fake version of the medication (one that actually does nothing) and compare the results to those that are given the actual medication.

however, i also think that it is not totally understood how antibiotics truly combat acne. acne is not simply caused by bacteria or else everyone would have it. you must have some genetic dispostion to cause a problem.

anyway, im on 5 weeks and 1 day today and have seen very good improvement. i no longer wake up to 1 or 2 new pimples each day and my old ones are much much smaller in size and seem to be healing in a faster and different way than in the past.

i really hope this continues and is able to give me totally clear skin, but if and when it does, i will make sure to look for something else to maintain the good skin because i hear too many stories of aacne coming back after a long period of usage (seems to be after 6 months to a yeear)

good luck everyone

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i am currently on minocin (100mg 2X a day), benzaclin, differin, and finacea. i have been on the 1st three for about 7 months and have had good results. recently when i went off minocin to take a blood test i just stopped taking it all together b/c my skin was the best its ever been in years. when i returned to college, i noticed a start in breakouts so i went back on it. i think that the minocin takes a while to work b/c it took 6 or so months to go from mod-severe acne to 1-3 pimples a week. so i would recommend that you stay on it and give it a try, if you have to go off follow the dr.'s regimen and ween your body off it. if you have any red marks or scars i would recommend finacea very highly. this stuff will make any pimple disappear w/in 1-2 days and makes the complexion of your face awesome.

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