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No Blood Tests?

Well I have been on Accutane for 1 month now, 40 mg dosage a day.

What im curious about is the fact that my doctor did not make me take pre - blood tests, or having me take any at all throughout the course. He told me that they have stopped doing blood tests for patients taking Accutane. Does this sound right, or am I a bit behind on the news?

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This is something that MUST be reflected to your Dermatologist (Skin Doctor) immediately.

I am also currently taking dosage of Accutane for around 5 months now and every 7 weeks approx. I would be required to take a blood test to make sure my liver functions are okay.

Before I am eligible to take Accutane, I must go thru a Blood test to certify that I am physically-able to consume Accutane as Accutane itself is a pill with many side effects.

Do consult your Derma for the reasons why there wasn't Blood tests done. :think:

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your doctor is talking BS

visit my log


theres some technical data about my blood test.

he also told me people normally do fine, there was only one case where a patient was too alcoholic, which increase those blood variables. i guess thats why your derm doesnt do blood test.

there are 2 blood test trought out the course, at first and on the middle of the course.

maybe another reason he doesnt want to do blood test, is that its expensive on your country, my blood test was way cheap i guess.

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