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What can I do?

I know I have acne, I've confirmed that. I have read somewhere on here that anything that contains sodium cocoate is not good for my skin. I have Dove gentle exfoliating bar..it has sodium cocoate and fragrance. :think:

I do have Noxzema:Deep cleaning cream/Norman Dry-Plus Moisturizers


Since I cant use the bar what can I do? Is their any bar that is out that thatt will not cause me to get more acne? At the moment it seems no matter what I cant get ride of the acne, my acne is not like big bumbs but very very tiny ones all over my skin..is this natural or something??? :wall:

Please tell me what can I do? I have nertragina...it has not worked..it actully gave me white looking bleach dotes on my face. Again I ask...what can I do? I dont want to use drugs, I just want to keep my skin clean and eventually the acne will go away.

1. What bar of soap can I use to help keep it clean without hurting my skin

2. What type of moisturizer do I need, at the moment im using Potrolium Jelly.

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I wouldn't recommend using soap in bar form. Try using a gentle, non fragranced liquid facial wash. Where are you from? I'm from the UK so can only recommend UK products.

I also would not use petrolium jelly. To be honest, I can't think of anything that would be more pore clogging than that! All you need is a light, preferably oil free moisturiser with no fragrance.

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