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IPL post accutane...

If anyone is familiar with post accutane flushing/redness...

I had a terrible experience with it, and have developed broken blood vessels all over my body, primarily my face. I have been told to avoid any kind of Rosacea treatment post accutane, but I was curious if using IPL will eiliminate blood vessels for good? Do they come back? Or no?

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hi chaser,

if they are broken capillaries or fine thread veins, yes they can be treated with ipl. whether or not it is permanant depends on whether or not you have a tendency to develop them i.e thin skin, using really hot water on your face etc etc. but most people have really good results. Only thing is you need to wait at least 6 months preferably 12 months after accutane to have ipl.

hope this helps

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If you continue to flush the simple answer is... yes you will develop NEW broken blood vessels because of the inflammation on your skin. The old ones will go away though.

IPL is an indefinite process until you can somehow stop the flushing effects of Rosacea.

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i have been flushing and have permanent redness on my cheeks since i was done with accutane. It has been two years. Last week i had my first IPL treatments for broken blood vessels in my face.

the IPL treatment is suppose to get rid of damaged blood vessels which are the cause of flushing and redness...

Any of you guys have done the ipl with any result?

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